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Let My Heart Stir Your Heart

Most of the time when we focus on the Heavenly Father in our Father Encounters Group, I listen for His response to my heart where He gives me great downloads of His goodness and unfathomable wisdom and I say very little.  However, this time it was different.  As I started to tell My Father what my heart ached for in our relationship, I expected, at first, that He would respond with His great words of wisdom. Instead, He kept quiet and intently listened to my heart.  As I poured out my heart to Him for what seemed liked hours, The Father responded with one simple short statement that satisfied my longing for Him.

My Heart’s Desire For The Father

Crying out to the Father I pleaded with Him, “Let my heart stir Your heart.  I want something more than just a feeling.  I want You – to be able to touch You and see You face to face.  For I desire the more that Jesus said all those who believe would have.

Wanting Nothing to Stand Between Us

My experiencing You in all Your fullness has more to do with my lack and wrong belief rather than Your desire or ability to come.  Whatever is lacking in me, increase to the point of overflowing.  Whatever is getting between us, remove every barrier the enemy has erected.  Change my wrong thinking.  Change my predisposition as to how I am to enter your presence.  Show me how to become more like Your little child so I can participate in all Your Kingdom has to offer.  Transform me so that I am made new.

I long for the time when nothing of this world stands between us separating us from the close personal relationship You have always wanted.

Desiring Intimacy With the Father

Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.  Lead me to the Father for I desire my Father’s embrace.  I hunger for the day where nothing else matters except spending time with my Heavenly Father all day long. Wanting to wake up every morning to see my Father’s face beckoning me to follow Him. To grab a hold of His hand as He leads me to places and experiences that I have never seen before.

I desire a time when my Father and I walk hand-in-hand through the garden He has created just for us.  Wanting more than just a feeling, I want the Father’s world to become more real to me than my own world.

Longing For the Unimaginable to Become Real

Let me step outside my own reality and activate my child-like imagination so I can enter a world that has no limits, a world that the impossible becomes normal, a world where walking on water is child’s play, a world where the unimaginable materialized and becomes real, a world where we all do even greater things than Jesus did bringing attention and focus toward our Heavenly Father.

I’m not really sure what this long expected day is going to look like.  I only know when it happens that everyone around us will take notice and be drawn into the Father’s presence like none before as a whirlwind pulls up everything in its path.

Wanting The Father to Consume All of Me

Come quickly Father.  Prepare us for Your long awaited day when Heaven truly comes to earth everywhere You lead us.  Hear my heart stir Your heart and bring the whirlwind of Your presence soon.  All I want is to be totally consumed by You and for You to establish Your true Church reborn totally consuming everything in its path as You lead all Your children into a victorious Heavenly Empire annihilating the enemy and his puny kingdom.”

“Let my heart stir Your heart.”

The Father’s Simple Yet Profound Response

Then the Father responded simply but very profoundly to my passion for Him whispering in my ear,

Continue delighting in Me and I will give you the desires of your heart.Your Heavenly Father tweet

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