Transform Your Life Where Heaven Follows You as You Follow the Father
Follow The Father and No One Else

It had been a little over a year since I broke away from attending Man’s Church Institution. I stopped going because I knew my experience at our Father Encounters Group was more like what God’s True Church should look like. Even though I was having real life changing encounters with The Father every week, others around me continued to hold on to the old establishment. Desiring to know more clearly the Father’s direction and to make sure I was still following Him closely, I inquired of The Father, “What are You saying Father? Speak to our hearts. Let us know what You are up to. Let us know what you are doing.”

Walk With The Father
On the Path He Set For You

The Father lovingly responded, “Keep going in the direction I have already placed deep in your heart. I will fill in the details of your journey as we walk this path together. Just always take steps toward Me. Then I will show you what I am doing and saying along the journey I have set before you.

Turn Away From Your Old Ways and Step Toward the Father

You will not be able to see or hear what I want to do in your life until you take steps away from your stagnant life and start moving in My direction. I will show you everything as we walk together in this journey I have set before you.

Do Not Watch What Others Are Doing

Do not watch what others are doing around you. Only focus on My face and I will cause all things to come together for My glory.

Your Path Is Unique For You

The path I have given to others is not your path and your path that I have directed you to follow is not for others. But if all My children follow their own path I have given them, they will all come to Me and know what I am up to.”

God Is Your Only Father, Teacher, and Leader and No One Else

The Father continued to explain, “Just simply follow Me and no one else. I am your Father; I am your Teacher; and I am your Leader. No one else should take My place of leading you. You are mine and I am yours. I am very possessive of all My children and do not want anyone else leading them in a direction I have not call them to.

You Can Hear God Clearly When You Are Not Listening To Others

Step away from all others and only follow Me. It is difficult to hear My voice when others are speaking. It is hard to know what I am doing in the midst of all the clamor around you.

So step away from the distractions and enter My peace and rest. That is the place where you will see Me clearly. A place where no one else can get in the way of you only follow Me everywhere. Because I live in a realm not limited by the ways of man, you will also live, move, and breathe of the impossible, out of this world, things I want to do through you.”

Step Away From Others and Only Follow God’s Voice:
  • His voice is Peace.
  • His actions will bring you rest.
  • His provision is always abundant way beyond what you can imagine.
  • His protection is an impenetrable force that no evil will be able to break through. The enemy will not be able to come anywhere near you when you stay in the shadow of My wings.

Only Follow the Father and He Will Show You Heaven’s Wonders

The Heavenly Father concluded by saying, “Stop worrying about what man thinks or says and only be concern about what I am saying and what I am doing.”

Follow Me only and you will see the spectacle of Heaven’s wonders pour out upon you like a flood consuming the atmosphere around you.Your Heavenly Father

“Come let us walk hand-in-hand together along the path I have set before you. Take My hand only and I will lead you to places and a Kingdom that you have not even imagined yet. You will be able to do what Jesus did and even greater things. I will show and teach you all these things and more. Just leave everything and everyone else behind and follow only Me.”

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