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God Has Been Waiting For You

God Has Been Waiting For You

As I was anticipating and waiting for the Father’s soon coming in a great whirlwind of His presence like never before, I heard my Heavenly Father beckon me as He poured out the deep desires of His heart to me. It turned out that the Father had been waiting all this time for me. This is what the Father told me:

Ask God For Anything

“Ask Me a question, any question and I will answer.  Tell Me what you want and I will give it to you.  Tell Me your heart’s passions and desires and I will fulfill every one.

What Are You Waiting For? The Father is Waiting For You

So many are waiting for a great outpouring of My presence – a manifestation of what I want to do already.  I am waiting for you to tell Me what you truly want and expect that I will do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or imagine.

Yes, I will come like a whirlwind.  Yes, I will renew My Church like never before.  Yes, signs and wonders will follow all those who are following Me, expect it to happen.  I am coming quickly.  But what I am waiting for is you.

You have been waiting and longing for My appearing in great power and might like never before.  Behold, I am standing at the door ready to enter.  You only need to open the door and welcome all of Me into your life.

Do You Really Believe?

So what is your question?  Do you really believe I will respond to your every heart’s cry?  Do you really believe I can do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think?  Do you really believe that you can do even greater things than Jesus did?  If you really believe these things then why did you stop asking for them?  If you really believe I want to do the impossible then why did you stop trying to walk on water?

Ask God For the Impossible Things Only He Can Do

Go ahead ask Me for anything – the more ridiculous and impossible it may seem, the better then watch the whirlwind of My all consuming presence do way beyond your expectations.

You have been waiting for Me but I am standing at the door ready to enter.  I am waiting for you to once again believe Me for the out of this world things I only can do.  I am waiting for someone to ask the impossible questions that only I can answer.  I am waiting for someone to step out in faith and believe for the impossible things that man cannot do.

Trust Me for something new don’t live on your past experiences for I am the Father and Creator of all things new.  The old has passed away, all things have become new.  Think beyond what anyone has ever experienced before.  That is what I am waiting for.

Believe As Little Children Do

I have already placed that desire on your heart.  Go ahead and ask Me for the impossible fairy tale dreams that you imagined when you were a little child.  Remember the time when you could be or do anything you wanted to in your imagination – when you could ride a flying unicorn to any place or magical kingdom?  Remember what you imagined you would be?  Those are the things I want to fulfill and do for you.  You have the full resources of Heaven at your disposal.

Go ahead start believing as little children do and step outside of your own reality and into My realm where the unrealistic is normal, the unheard of is spoken about every day, where all of your dreams and wishes come true.

You are waiting for Me but I am waiting for you to start truly believing as little children do and open the door into your wild imaginations of the things that only will come true in My Magical Kingdom.Your Heavenly Father tweet

Then you will see all of Heaven follow you in a grand spectacle for this is what I have been waiting for a very long time – someone who truly believes that I can and will do the impossible things and fairy tale dreams for them.

Go ahead and open My door with your imagination and let Me into your world.  What are the impossible things you’ve been longing to see Me do through you?”

Rev 3:20, “Behold, I stand at the door. . .” (NASU).

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