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Jesus Always Gave Freely But Never Asked For A Donation

So if Jesus never asked anyone for a donation, why do I have a Give page where most ministries ask to donate to their needs. I wanted to let you know we are not like most organizations who are always asking for money. On the contrary, I will never ask you to make a donation to this ministry. It is not your responsibility to take care of my needs. That is the Father’s responsibility. So I will always ask my Father to supply all my needs rather than you, knowing that He will abundantly take care of me. Just like Jesus, I always want to give freely to you and will never solicit you for money.

3 Reasons I Have a Give Page Are To:
  1. Tell you that Jesus received all that He needed without asking anyone to for a donation and the people who gave never did so to receive any benefits including a charitable tax-deduction. Read the post below for more details:
    Jesus Never Asked Anyone For Money
  2. Provide an easy way for you to respond to the Father. The main reason you should give is because you know it is what the Father wants you to do. Giving should always be in response to the Father and never because someone asked for a donation – no matter how great the need. Simply respond to whatever the Father is asking you to do.
  3. Pay whatever price you want for eBooks you already received for free and would like to reimburse me. You might also want to send more because you were blessed by reading my books.
Give Freely Below in Response to the Father
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Give for eBooks you received for free or give an additional amount because you were blessed.

Gifts given on this website or sent to Anakainoo International are considered gifts to an individual and therefore are not deductible as a charitable tax-deduction. Check the IRS website or your tax advisor regarding gifts to individuals. Please contact me below if you have questions regarding your gift.

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