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Anakainoo Website Redesign Is Finished

I am very excited to announce that Anakainoo website redesign is finished and already includes 45 core posts. Also, beginning in January, I will be adding a new post every week and start connecting others to our website. Two years ago, I took down my previous website which was full of limited institutional church dogma. Then I completely redesigned it based on instructions I received from the Heavenly Father. I set up a brand new website/blog that focuses on having a real tangible relationship with God as your Father. Where you can have Father Encounters every day and watch Heaven follow you everywhere. . . Read More >

Move Forward To the Spectacle of God’s Glory

While focusing on the Heavenly Father at our Father Encounters Group, this thought from the Father came to my mind, “We need move forward to the spectacle of God’s glory.” Although, most Christians are trying to relive a past spiritual revival or movement of God. So they spend the rest of their lives studying what happened to try and replicate what God did years ago. Yet they never fully get back to that experience that they long for. Then I proclaimed to all who would listen, “Let us never be content resting on our laurels. But instead, we should always be resting on God’s ever changing Revelation of the greater things of His Kingdom.” . . Read More >

God’s Brand New Church Is Being Born

This past week I found out the name of my first granddaughter who will be born sometime early January. Her name is Paisley. I asked her parents what her name meant and they did not have any idea. So I looked up the meaning of her name. When I found what Paisley meant, I almost fell off my chair in excitement. Discover its meaning and what The Father told me about her name being a sign for God’s Brand New Church is about to be born. . . Read More >

Heaven’s Treasure Is Opened Up For You

While focusing on my Heavenly Father one Tuesday night, I saw Heaven’s treasure with this huge open vault full of gold coins. There was so much treasure that it was spilling out onto the floor outside the vault. Then The Father affectionately declared that He opened this vault for me and all His children to have and enjoy. He went on to describe what this treasure was and how all His children could access the unlimited resources of Heaven’s treasure. . . Read More >

Be On God’s Transition Team

It was great to have real tangible encounters with the Heavenly Father week after week at our Father Encounters Group. Where every week for over two years we have been receiving personal messages from the Father. For He had been sharing with us what God’s True Church is going to look like and when this was going to happen. So in light of all that we have received, the Father explained that He has been putting together God’s transition team to move His children from the limited old way of doing things into God’s Brand New Victorious Church. . . Read More >

God Will Upset the Old and Set Up His True Church

Last night (election night) while at our Father Encounters Group around 8pm (well over 4 hours before anyone knew of the election results), the Heavenly Father gave me the following message of the existing established political parties being upset. But more importantly that this was one of three signs of God’s Kingdom coming like a whirlwind to upset Man’s Church Establishment and set up Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church. Read on to hear the Heavenly Father’s victory speech: . . Read More >

Follow The Father and No One Else

It had been a little over a year since I broke away from attending Man’s Church Institution. I stopped going because I knew my experience at our Father Encounters Group was more like what God’s True Church should look like. I was having real life changing encounters with The Father every week. Yet, others around me continued to hold on to the old establishment. Desiring to know more clearly the Father’s direction and to make sure I would follow the Father closely, I inquired, “What are You saying Father? Speak to our hearts. Let us know what You are up to. Let us know what you are doing.” . . Read More >

Walk Only Under God’s Authority Not Man’s Church

While at our Father Encounters Group, I learned from the Father why most Christians do not operate in the miraculous for everyone they pray for as Jesus did. God showed me that He wants us to walk only under God’s authority. Yet, most of His children have placed themselves under the authority of Man’s Church or other religious authorities. These authorities limit what the Father wants to do through you. This is what the Father shared with me: . . Read More >

Will You Leave Everything and Only Follow God?

It had been over a year since I decided to leave man’s Church. I left knowing that God’s true Church looked more like our Childlike Father Encounters we have every week. I also did not want to place the authority God gave me under the limitations of man. Rather, I only want to be lead, taught, and mentored by the Heavenly Father who is without any limitations. I truly wanted to leave everything behind and only follow God and no one else. . . Read More >

God Can Remove the Nothingness of Your Soul

Turning my attention toward the Father during one of our Father Encounters Group, I heard the word “nothingness” over and over again. I was intrigued as to why the Father kept repeating this word when He revealed that there was a lot of unimportant stuff occupying our souls. This nothingness gets in the way of experiencing the overflowing goodness of God and His Kingdom. . . Read More >

About Us

Hi, my name is Daniel Green. I am a writer, speaker, and blogger helping pursuers of God discover how they can transform their lives by having a real tangible relationship with God as their Father and follow Him everywhere just like Jesus did to experience all of Heaven's goodness and fulfill all the desires of their heart.

If you are looking for more than what Church Institutions have to offer, then you have come to the right place. Learn how to have encounters with the Father (God) every day so that you can have an abundant life where Heaven follows you everywhere and miracles become an everyday normal experience for you.

You will discover a personal God that is Real and True not fake or deceptive. You will also experience for yourself a good Heavenly Father who always loves, always responds, always gives, and always cares for you.

. . .Read more

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About Me

Hi, my name is Daniel Green. I am an author, public speaker, and blogger. It is my passion to help you and others discover how to connect to God in a real tangible way where all of Heaven's resources and miracles follow you everywhere.

Books I have written include: The Wave of God's Presence; Tearing Down Weak Foundations That Hinder You; and one of my newest books - Become Like Little Children. I have a Master's of Ministry Degree and also a Business Degree. I have owned two very successful Accounting businesses and am a Minister of the Gospel. . . Learn more

Featured Book

The only way to experience more of God's Kingdom in your life is to become like a little child. Only as the Father's little child will you have access to all the resources of His Kingdom where Heaven will follow you everywhere. Expect signs, wonders, and miracles to become an everyday normal for you. Get my book today and discover how to become more like a little child so you can participate fully in all of Heaven's wonders. . . Read More>


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