Become Like Little Children

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The only way to experience more of God's Kingdom in your life is to become like a little child. Only as the Father's little child will you have access to all the resources of His Kingdom where Heaven will follow you everywhere. Expect signs, wonders, and miracles to become an everyday normal for you. Get my Book today and discover how to become more like a little child so you can participate fully in all of Heaven's wonders. (Available in eBook only)

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Become Like Little Children is about what Jesus said you must do to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. As you become more like a little child before the Father you will be able to experience more of His Kingdom and all it has to offer you (Matt. 18:3).

Discover 15 Characteristics Little Children Have

You will discover fifteen distinct characteristics that little children have so that you can become more like them. Would you like to see: more signs and wonders; more healing; more miracles; more people delivered from their bondage? Have you ever seen someone raised from the dead? Would you like to? This is the only way to experience more of God’s Kingdom.

Reflect on each chapter and have fun imagining what it was like when you were a little boy or girl. Then start to change your behavior with the Father to become more like one of His little children rather than like an independent adult.

Heaven Will Follow You Everywhere

As you become more like a little child before your Heavenly Father, you will be able to enter His Kingdom and experience all the fullness the Father wants to lavish on you as His child. Then as one of God’s creative little children, you will have fun moving more powerfully in signs and wonders invading earth with the Kingdom of Heaven everywhere you go.

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