Supernatural Wave of God’s Presence

You can ride the supernatural wave of God’s presence and experience miracles from Heaven following you every day. Do the miracles of Jesus and even greater things as you learn how to follow God everywhere. You could even be used of God to become one of the catalysts that starts the next wave of God’s presence around you and across the world.

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Many Believers are looking for the next great movement of God like surfers who are always looking for the biggest most exhilarating wave to ride. We want to follow great spiritual leaders of the faith hoping that what they have experienced somehow gets transferred to us so that we can move in the same anointing. You can catch the supernatural wave of God’s presence by not following these spiritual leaders but rather by following God everywhere and only do everything He is doing and saying.

Learn the secret of how to catch the supernatural wave of God’s presence and move in a powerful anointing that radically changes your surroundings. Discover how to do the miracles of Jesus by doing what Jesus did – He followed God, the Father, everywhere and only did and said what the Father was doing and saying.

Second Edition:
This latest edition has been thoroughly edited to remove all the grammatical errors found in the first edition. Therefore, it is a little easier to read than the previous edition.

Product Details:
  • Available in Kindle, Audiobook, or Paperback
  • Print Length: 167 pages
  • Publisher: Independently Published
  • Publication Date: Second Edition October 2022
  • Audiobook Publication Date: March 2023
  • Sold by: Amazon
  • Language: English
  • Kindle ASIN: B07T4HJBQD
  • Paperback ISBN-13: 979-8-3594-6397-3

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