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God’s Banquet Table Prepared for You

God’s Banquet Table Prepared for You

While focusing on the Father with some friends of mine at our Father Encounters Group, I had a vision of a grand banquet hall of a feast that God prepared for me and all His children. This feast was for all of us to enjoy now while on earth. Come on this journey with me and get a glimpse of God’s Banquet Table that He prepared especially for you. Learn how your capacity to receive all of Heaven’s abundance is only limited by your hunger for God. How hungry are you?

God’s Banquet Table Delectables

I saw large banquet tables jam-packed with all kinds of delectable food – a feast for kings and royalty. So much food one could not possibly consume even a fraction of what was set before us.

The Main Course

There was a fully garnished pig with a juicy red apple in its mouth; every kind of poultry, roast beef, juicy red stakes with just the right grilled char; fall of the bone rump roast; and bar-b-que of all kinds from sweet-n-sassy to bold-n-spicy. It was like a Thanksgiving feast except amplified 100 times.

Plenty of Sides

There were sweet potatoes; thrice baked mashed potatoes inside their perfectly seasoned fried potato skins topped with butter, chives, sour cream, and fresh warm crispy bacon sprinkled on top; and plenty of right off the cob sweet corn dripping in rich butter.

Lots of Fresh Fruit

There was every kind of fruit that you could imagine: pineapples, grapes, pears, cherries, many different varieties of oranges so sweet and juicy, the sweetest most delectable peaches I have ever tasted, bananas of all types, and fried plantains with just a hint of salt to bring out the rich sweet golden flavor.

Desserts – You Can Eat First

If all this was not enough, there was and entire section in the banquet hall that displayed dessert from every part of the world: twelve layer decadent chocolate cake, a variety of cheese cakes topped with cherries, chocolate, pineapples, and even my favorite – a turtle peanut butter cheese cake smothered in rich creamy dark chocolate and mouth watering caramel syrup nestled in a sweet toasted gram cracker crust. There was ice cream with candy bit toppings of anything your heart desired to indulge in.

It was a breath-taking sight in which you become instantly full taking in the abundance and savory smells of that exquisite banquet hall.

Hunger For God
How Hungry Are You?

The Father spoke to my heart, “I prepared a banquet table before you, in the presence of your enemies. Take and eat as much as you want. My table will never be empty and is always abundantly full of all the good things of Heaven. There is always plenty for everyone who wants to come.

Your capacity of walking in the abundance of My overflowing goodness and presence is only limited by your hunger for God. How hungry are you?(Your Heavenly Father)

You can never get enough of Me. I will satisfy your deep desires. But you will always long for more and can come to God’s banquet table often and eat of Me whenever you want.”

Everyone Is Welcome
To Come to God’s Banquet Table

Then I saw a great white unicorn ready for me to mount so that I could spread the word for everyone to come and indulge in the God’s banquet table.

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