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God’s Brand New Church Is Being Born

This past week I found out the name of my first granddaughter who will be born sometime early January. Her name is Paisley. I asked her parents what her name meant and they did not have any idea. So I looked up the meaning of her name. When I found what Paisley meant, I almost fell off my chair in excitement. Discover its meaning and what The Father told me about her name being a sign for God’s Brand New Church is about to be born. . . Read More >

Be On God’s Transition Team

It was great to have real tangible encounters with the Heavenly Father week after week at our Father Encounters Group. Where every week for over two years we have been receiving personal messages from the Father. For He had been sharing with us what God’s True Church is going to look like and when this was going to happen. So in light of all that we have received, the Father explained that He has been putting together God’s Transition Team to move His children from the limited old way of doing things into God’s Brand New Victorious Church. . . Read More >

God Will Upset the Old and Set Up His True Church

Last night (election night) while at our Father Encounters Group around 8pm (well over 4 hours before anyone knew of the election results), the Heavenly Father gave me the following message of the existing established political parties being upset. But more importantly that this was one of three signs of God’s Kingdom coming like a whirlwind to upset Man’s Church Establishment and set up God’s True Church. Read on to hear the Heavenly Father’s victory speech: . . Read More >

Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Come along on this journey with me and experience the Father as His little child. Hear The Father’s response when I asked Him what His Kingdom was going to look like when everyone passionately pursued the Father like little children do. Discover the Father’s longing for everyone to become like little children. Then experience the fullness of His Kingdom that He wants to lavish on all His kids: . . Read More >

God’s Church Is Not Like Man’s Church

God’s Church Is Not Like Man’s Church

While at a Father Encounters Group, the Heavenly Father gave me some encouraging words for some friends of mine. They were going overseas to share the Father’s love and goodness. A few weeks later I heard from the Father that these same words and visions He gave me for my friends apply also to His true Church. He restated them, “My Church is not like those you have seen or experienced. It looks more like what Jesus did with a few men.” These are the visions I saw, one right after the other, which I received from the Father for my friends and about His Church: . . Read More >

God Is Breaking You Free From Man’s Church Establishment

Today was the final day of the primary elections. The most unlikely candidates who did not come from the established parties seemed to emerge. One outsider won his party’s nomination. The other outsider made a surprising comeback and came close to winning his party’s nomination. Then the Father spoke to my heart in this climate of change. . . Read More >

Stop Straddling the Fence and Experience God’s New Adventures

I was spending some time with The Heavenly Father one morning as I woke up. While focusing on The Father, I saw a vision of a man straddling a log. This man had his feet touching the ground with one foot on each side of the log. Then The Father beckoned him to come and explore new worlds and adventures with Him. However, even though this man wanted to go with The Father, he had difficultly leaving his past experiences behind. So he tried to leave one foot in the past and also experience all the new things that The Father wanted to offer him. Consequently, he could not move and sat on the log between his past experience and God’s new adventure. . . Read More >

God’s New Church Will Be Without Limits

I attended a Prophecy Conference in Pennsylvania at the beginning of this year. During one of the sessions the prophets honored the senior pastors who attended. The prophets brought the pastors on the stage and prophesied over them. Then the Father spoke to my heart while I was listening to the prophetic words spoken over these pastors. He was showing me how man has limited what God wants to do in His Church. This is what the Father told me: . . Read More >

You’re Pregnant With My New Church

You’re Pregnant With My New Church

The Father’s presence overwhelmed me while at a Father Encounters Group with some friends. The Spirit’s all consuming fullness was filling my belly as I felt Him growing inside me. Then the Father spoke to my heart about what He was doing:

My Heavenly Father exclaimed, “You are all pregnant and ready to give birth to a seed I planted in each of you over the past year. Everything that I promised, everything that I spoke about over the past year is about to give birth in each of you. . . Read More >

What Would Happen If God Built His Church?

Imagine yourself being that little child who does not have to work anymore in God’s Kingdom. Come along with me on a journey to a special place my Heavenly Father showed me. It was a place where The Father worked at building His Church and we had fun as His little children: . . Read More >

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