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Share With Others How Heaven Can Follow Them

Share With Others How Heaven Can Follow Them

Once you have experienced the wonders of Heaven chasing after you, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself and will want to share with everyone around you. Follow these simple steps below to start sharing with others how Heaven’s wonders can chase after them.

Step 1: Read These Key Post On How To Easily Share With Others

Get started by reading the following posts from the Heavenly Father about how to use all of Heaven’s resources to easily share with others how Heaven’s wonders can start following them. (Note: These posts are included in my book 30 Days with the Father for better reading and easier access for you.):

Step 2: Share Your Comments on My Blog Posts

After reading each blog post, make sure you leave a comment at the end of the post. You might have a similar experience you would like to share or have additional insight that would benefit others who are reading. Your comments will also encourage others to share. This will only enrich and give more depth to what the Heavenly Father is showing all His children. I welcome your comments and encourage you to reply as often as you can.

Step 3: Start Your Own Father Encounters Group

As stated before, the best way for you to experience real encounters with the Father is to attend a Father Encounters Group. This is also the best way for you to share with your friends how they can have face-to-face encounters with the Father that will turn their world upside down.

So if you have not done so already, I encourage you to start your own Father Encounters Group. Then your friends can experience for themselves Heaven following them just as you have experienced. It is easy to start a Father Encounters Group since the Father does all the leading and teaching. Just click here to follow these simple guidelines to start your own Father Encounters Group.

Step 4: Host Your Own 5 Day Intensive Training

As you probably already know, our 5 Day Intensive is a jammed-packed, hands-on adventure with the Father. Where a small group of friends go out into the community and practice following the Father everywhere. This causes Heaven’s wonders and miraculous things to chase after them.

Hosting a 5 Day Intensive in your home would be a great way to share this Heavenly adventure with your friends. If you have already attended a 5 Day Intensive, you will want to share that experience with everyone you know. If you have not attended a 5 Day Intensive yet, don’t wait till one comes to your area. Instead, act now by clicking here to find out how you can Host your own 5 Day Intensive for you and your friends.

Step 5: Invite the Author to Speak at Your Next Event

Consider inviting the author (Daniel Green) to speak at your next event. He would love to share with your group about any topic discussed in this website or from his books. But, He would especially love to share about Father Encounters Home Groups or a shortened presentation of our 5 Day Intensive Training. You can invite him to come for an hour or two; the whole day, or even a weekend event. Groups of any size (big or small) are welcome and we will try our best to keep the costs affordable for everyone. So go ahead and invite the author to speak at your next event by filling in the form below:

Fill in this: Speaker Invitation Contact Form

Speaker Invitation Contact Form

Fill in the form below if you would like Daniel Green to speak at your next event. We will get back to you about the details.

(If you know about how many)

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This helps us prevent spam, thank you.

Step 6: Give – But Only If the Father Directs You

Here it comes. “You want a donation,” you might be thinking. If we were like most organizations who are always asking for donations, you would be correct. However, we are not like those organization. On the contrary, I will never ask you to give to our ministry or solicit you for donations. It is not your responsibility to take care of our needs. That responsibility falls on my Heavenly Father who takes care of me abundantly.

Your giving should always be in response to the Father directing you to do so. You should never give because someone else asks you to give no matter how great the need. Click here to find out more or if the Father has already directed you to give.

What to Do Now and The Rest of Your Life

Find others who desire to have what you have already experienced – a real and true relationship with the Heavenly Father where all of Heaven’s wonders and resources chase after them. Then simply:

Follow Only the Father Everywhere
Sharing With Everyone
How Heaven Can Follow Them

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