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Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Come along on this journey with me and experience God in childlike Father encounters. Hear The Father’s response when I asked Him what His Kingdom was going to look like when everyone passionately pursued the Father like little children do. As it will look a lot like the daily life of Jesus. It will be more like an organic Church rather than an institutionalized organization. Discover the Father’s longing for everyone to become like little children. Then experience the fullness of His Kingdom that He wants to lavish on all His kids:

Childlike Father Encounters
Will Look Just Like the Daily Life of Jesus

The Father excitedly responded to my question, “As in the days of Jesus, My Son, I will once again manifest My presence in every one that is pursuing Me as My little child. At that time, I had to rock the very foundation of man’s religious traditions, rules and regulations. Whereby, I showed up in awe and wonder. Jesus’s miracles attracted people near and far as I expressed My love for them.  For I healed all their deceases and freed them from all demonic oppression.”

You Will Heal or Deliver Everyone Who Wants to Receive

He continued to explain, “As in Jesus’s time, I did not just heal and deliver a few people but everyone who wanted to receive. I will do the same in everyone who becomes My little child. As you continue to follow Me desiring My life giving words, I will pour out on all of you the fullness of My Spirit. My Spirit will flow from you changing everyone who steps across your shadow. You will heal, deliver and set free all their bondage. There will be feats of impossible things that have never been done before.

You Will Raise Many From the Dead

The Father showed me even more, “You will easily raise others from the dead as you follow Me. People will take notice of what I am doing causing them to break free from man’s religious walls. I will rock the very foundation of man’s established Church. Then all My children can pursue Me freely without any barriers from the rules, regulations, and hierarchy man has established.”

Get ready and step into the freedom I want to express through you. It’s not about your ability. It’s all about your desire and pursuit after a deeper relationship with Me as My little child.(Your Heavenly Father)

With more enthusiasm He exclaimed, “I am preparing all of you so that you can be a conduit of My goodness and grace that I want to lavish on everyone around you who wants to receive. As in Jesus’s time, people will come both near and far to see the manifestation of My glory. A glory that I am going to pure out on all My children.”

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God’s New Organic Church – Built His Way

Then the Father sighed in anticipation of what His new organic Church would look like, “I will be able to start building My Church the way I want it with you and all My little children who want to follow Me. My Church will no longer be hindered by the walls man has erected to try and keep Me in and others out. It will become a Church without walls freely expanding and multiply from house to house in power and might so that the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Childlike Father Encounters: A Church Without Limits

He finished by saying, “It will not be limited by a structure, financial resources, or by a few qualified leaders. For every one of My children are qualified in My house to minister My life giving words. It was this way in the beginning before Satan deceived the very elect to put up walls that stopped the wave of My presence. Therefore, I am tearing down those walls. For My manifest presence is going to come upon you to free all My children from Satan’s deceptions.”

Experience God’s True Church For Yourself

If you would like to experience these childlike Father Encounters (an organic Church) all the time, find out more by clicking on this link Father Encounter Groups.

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