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Don’t Ever Stop Playing Catch With God

Don’t Ever Stop Playing Catch With God

As I was meditating on the Heavenly Father with some friends of mine, I heard deep within my heart that I should never stop playing catch with God. Then I had a vision of a little girl in a golden grassy field chasing after her father. The father ran just a little ahead of her. Then He slowed down just enough so that His little girl could catch up to Him. When she got close, He swooped her up in His strong loving arms spinning her around over and over again while they laughed and giggled freely. At that point, He put her down and started the game of catch all over again. This happened over and over for what seemed to be an eternity in a moment of time. . . Read More >

Come Dance With God

Come Dance With God

During one of our Father Encounters Group, most were sharing about the unrest and chaos around them. These earthly distractions kept them from hearing the Father’s voice clearly and having a close relationship with Him. So when we focused on the Father that evening, I asked the Father about these distractions that were keeping us away from Him. I saw a vision of the Father and I as His beautiful bride dancing together. Then I heard the Father inviting me, “Come dance with God. I will dance away your cares and worries.” . . Read More >

See Touch and Hear God All the Time

Every night before I go to bed, I talk to the Father asking Him to reveal Himself to me wanting a real tangible God. Last night started out the same as other nights. At first, I poured out my heart to the Father wanting to have the same encounter that Jesus always had with the Father. Then I asked the Holy Spirit to remove every hindrance so I could see touch and hear God clearly all the time. For I longed to be able to do and say what my Father was doing and saying all the time. I wanted the Kingdom of Heaven and my Heavenly Father to become more real to me than my own reality. . . Read More >

You Can Know God’s Thoughts

You Can Know God’s Thoughts

While at our Father Encounters Group I expressed to My Heavenly Father my deep desire for intimacy with God to know God’s thoughts. Wanting more of a tangible relationship with God, I cried out to my Father. “Take me into the deep, deep recesses of who you are. I want to know and experience you more deeply, more intimately than ever before. I want to taste and see your goodness. Let me into who you truly are and what you truly desire. . . Read More >

Become One With God One Voice One Heart

Become One With God One Voice One Heart

While coming together one night with my friends to experience more of the Father’s presence, I started to tell the Father how wonderful He was every time we had these special times together.  But as I spoke to the Father we had one voice and one heart together. As if I have become one with God and we were saying the same thing to each other.  So when you read my encounter with the Father, first place yourself in my shoes as if you were responding to God and telling Him how wonderful He is to you. Then, at the same time, put yourself in the God’s shoes and see that feels the same about you. This is what I told the Heavenly Father when He simultaneously repeated the same thing to me: . . Read More >

Stir God’s Heart With Your Heart

Most of the time when we focus on the Heavenly Father in our Father Encounters Group, I listen for God’s response to my heart. Where He gives me great downloads of His goodness and unfathomable wisdom and I say very little.  However, this time it was different.  As I started to touch God’s heart with what my heart ached for, I expected, at first, that He would respond with His great words of wisdom. Instead, He kept quiet and intently listened to my heart.  As I poured out my heart to Him for what seemed liked hours, The Father responded with one simple short statement of how you can stir God’s Heart with your heart. . . Read More >

Thirsting for God While God Is Thirsting For You

Thirsting for God While God Is Thirsting For You

While the music started to play at our Father Encounters Group, I remembered a 3 year old boy who I met two days prior at a home Bible Study. This little boy was in his own world having a personal encounter with God while others were praying. He was singing so joyfully in the background as if he was responding to the Father. This little boy’s behavior distracted almost everyone in the group. Yet, I was drawn to the words he was singing so freely to the Father. He joyfully sang with all his heart, “I wanna go by the water. I wanna get close to the water. I wanna get into the river.” Are you thirsting for God like this little boy? Just as much as you are thirsting after God, God is thirsting for you even more. For He wants to drink you in. . . Read More >

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