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God’s Whirlwind Of God’s Presence Is Coming

God’s Whirlwind Of God’s Presence Is Coming

One Tuesday night we shared in our Father Encounters Group about wanting an overwhelming lasting encounter with the Father. We wanted a Spiritual renewal of God’s presence to not only consume us but also attract the world around us to the Father. A presence everyone would get excited about and want to join in on the fun.  As we were finishing Doug, a passionate pursuer of God, welcomed the Holy Spirit into our midst. That is when we all felt God’s whirlwind of God’s presence come like a flood. Almost immediately I heard the Father repeating the word “Whirlwind” over and over again to my heart. This great movement of God’s presence is coming very soon

What Is God’s Whirlwind of God’s Presence?

Then I started to write as the Father described what God’s whirlwind was.  He spoke very clearly to my heart saying, “I will come like a whirlwind.  It won’t be subtle.  You will know it when I fully manifest Myself to you.  It will blow apart every wrong doctrine and teaching and completely level all past establishments so that all My children will be able to see and hear Me clearly and follow Me and no one else.”

God’s Whirlwind Will Give Birth to Something Brand New

He continued, “I am coming in like a whirlwind to breath in new life.  I won’t be reviving the old.  I will give birth to something brand new that you cannot even possibly imagine.  You don’t have a platform of understanding for what I am about to do so it would only sound like a clanging cymbal in your ears.  That is why I have not explained in advance what I am about to do.  The only way for you to understand is to experience it for yourself.  Get ready, My whirlwind is coming and will wipe away everything that has been hindering us from having a full relationship without anything getting between us.”

In God’s Whirlwind You Will Hear God Clearly and Speak With His Authority

Then the Father described some of things that will happen when this whirlwind comes, “You will hear My voice clearly.  You will also see everything I am doing and will easily be able to mimic every move I make.  When you repeat My words, with one whisper you will be able to level mountains. For My full authority comes from every word that proceeds out of My mouth that will be flowing from yours.”

God’s Whirlwind Will Annihilate the Enemy’s Kingdom

“Get ready, My whirlwind is coming.  It will blow down and annihilate everything the enemy has erected to try and stop My Kingdom from coming to the earth.  I will blow down the gates of hell and it will never again be able to prevail against My true church reborn.”

God’s Whirlwind Was Started By Your Focus on God

Explaining what started God’s whirlwind the Father continued, “Your longing and desire for God to be the focus of the Father Encounters you have every week has caused a stirring in My heart and I am about to bring a whirlwind that you have stirred up to the earth everywhere each one of you resides.”

When Is God’s Whirlwind of God’s Presence Coming?

“Count the number of people here [six people].  That is the number of days [months and seasons] you will see the full manifestation of God’s whirlwind that is about to come upon you.”

Knowing that the Father operates outside time constraints, I asked Him how long does a day represent?  He confirmed in my heart that it was a short period of time from man’s perspective.  I probed for a more specific time and heard two words, “months” and “seasons” (see comments below for more insight I received the next day).

God’s Whirlwind Will Reside in You

Then the Heavenly Father encouraged all of us, “Yes, that which you have been longing for is about to happen in each of you. 

For I will establish God’s whirlwind in each of you that will destroy the old and rebirth the new everywhere you breath.  You will carry My full authority in your breath. You will be able to speak exactly what I am saying and whatever you say will be done.(Your Heavenly Father)

Every movement you make will be backed by the full authority of God’s whirlwind that I will place in you.  Your mind will become one with mine as our thoughts intertwine as if one thought.  I will remove every deceit and hindrance so that we think as one and you simply do what is ever on My mind.  Your thoughts, emotions, will, and actions will all be unified in the fullness of My Spirit that will occupy every part of you.”

The Father concluded by proclaiming:

“Get ready! God’s whirlwind of God’s presence is coming and will consume every part of you and level the enemy’s playing field.”

The Wave of God’s Presence Is Coming

Follow this link to get my book: The Wave of God’s Presence and start to experience God’s all consuming presence now. Don’t miss out on the next great movement of God. You can participate in the next Spiritual Renewal of God’s Presence. Get my book today and discover how you can do what Jesus did and even greater things as you learn how to followed the Father everywhere.

[Note: Over 2 years later I received a new message from the Father revealing that this Whirlwind of God’s Presence is here. To Find out more read this post: The Power of God’s Presence Is Here]

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2 Responses to God’s Whirlwind Of God’s Presence Is Coming

  1. The next day during my time with the Father, He explained further the timing of the whirlwind. That it was not either months or seasons but rather the timing was going to be both months and seasons. Meaning that I believe there will be two whirlwinds coming. The first whirlwind might come as early as this fall or winter (Note: Because God operates outside of time, do not think of months as being exactly 30 days but rather a short period of time). This first whirlwind I believe is intended for me and those who have been focusing on the Father as describe above.

    I believe the second whirlwind might start as early as the Fall of 2017 or Winter of 2018 (approximately six seasons from when the message was given. Again don’t think of a season of exactly 3 months but rather each season being longer than a short period of time). This second whirlwind I believe represents an exponential multiplying of God’s true church that is going to come out of the first whirlwind planted in me and possibly others who have been having true Father Encounters. It will be even more powerful and expansive than the first whirlwind.

  2. Update – Last week, I received another message from the Heavenly Father informing me that this whirlwind of His presence is here. I believe this is the start of the second whirlwind or about six seasons after the first message was given. To find out more, read my more resent post:

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