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God Can Remove the Nothingness of Your Soul

God Can Remove the Nothingness of Your Soul

Turning my attention toward the Father during one of our Father Encounters Group, I heard the word “nothingness” over and over again. I was intrigued as to why the Father kept repeating this word when He revealed that there was a lot of unimportant stuff occupying our souls. This nothingness gets in the way of experiencing the overflowing goodness of God and His Kingdom. . . Read More >

You Are a Beacon of God’s Love-Light

You Are a Beacon of God’s Love-Light

While focusing on the Father one Tuesday night at our Father Encounters Group, I saw in my mind a lighthouse burning brightly over the city. Then the Heavenly Father eagerly explained this vision, “My light is burning ever so brightly in all of you. Every time you come together, My eternal pure light only increases in your soul. My light that burns brightly in you refines your heart so that more and more of your focus is on Me. For you are a beacon of God’s Love-Light. . . Read More >

God’s ROAR Is Bigger Than the Enemy’s Roar

God’s ROAR Is Bigger Than the Enemy’s Roar

I was thinking about how the Enemy has been deceiving so many through the ages. He has been keeping them from fully experiencing all of Heaven’s wonders and a real true relationship with God. Immediately, the Heavenly Father responded to my thoughts. That is when I saw a picture of a huge ominous lion roaring over a smaller timid lion. Then the Father showed me that God’s ROAR is bigger than the enemy’s roar. . . Read More >

God’s Power of Peace Silences Life’s Noise

I love spending time away from all the chaos of life that occupies so many lives. That is why I guard my special time every week to meet with my friends at our Father Encounters Group. In that place, we always enjoy a time of peace and rest before our Heavenly Father. At this particular time, the Father drove home the importance of finding a place of peace and rest before Him. Discover how God’s power of peace can quiet life’s noise around you so you can hear the Father’s voice clearly. Then you will be able to follow His voice everywhere causing all of Heaven to follow you. . . Read More >

You Are God’s Agent of Peace

Some days just seem to be chaotic and messy where nothing appears to go right. And if you are not careful, a day of unrest can overflow into weeks or even longer. During these times of confusion and disorder, you cry out for a little of God’s peace in the midst of your storm. Do you know that you have God’s authority within you to command His true peace in any storm that comes your way? Find out what the Heavenly Father taught me about each of His children being God’s Agent of Peace. . . Read More >

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