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See Touch and Hear God All the Time

See Touch and Hear God All the Time

Every night before I go to bed, I talk to the Father asking Him to reveal Himself to me wanting a real tangible God. Last night started out the same as other nights. At first, I poured out my heart to the Father wanting to have the same encounter that Jesus always had with the Father. Then I asked the Holy Spirit to remove every hindrance so I could see touch and hear God clearly all the time. For I longed to be able to do and say what my Father was doing and saying all the time. I wanted the Kingdom of Heaven and my Heavenly Father to become more real to me than my own reality.

Activate Your Childlike Imagination To Experience God’s Supernatural World

In light of my desires, I asked the Holy Spirit to activate my childlike imagination. For I knew the Father gave us our imagination to see and hear outside our natural world into His supernatural world. Therefore, I wanted to be reunited with my childlike imagination that had been lost to me so long ago.

Have Real Tangible God Encounters All the Time

I pleaded with the Father to have a real tangible encounter with Jesus. Not just a one-time event but that I would be able to see, touch, and hear Him all the time. I wanted real encounters with Him, just as if He was in the same room with me.

Then I concluded by asking the Holy Spirit to transform all of me and show me to Jesus so that He could lead me to the Father. When I was finished, I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.

A Real Tangible God Encounter That Reached Out and Touched Me

It wasn’t long, only moments after I closed my eyes, that I felt a gentle breeze and someone touching my hand. I immediately opened my eyes and saw a little boy lying next to me looking intently into my eyes. I was startled so much that I cried out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!”

Then immediately the little boy disappeared as fast as he came. My heart was racing for almost ten minutes when I finally calmed down and went back to sleep.

The Father Wants You To Have
Real Tangible God Encounters

The next morning, I asked the Father what that experience with the little boy was all about. He then reminded me, “What do you ask Me for every night when you go to bed?”

After pausing so I could think about His question, The Father responded, “I was showing up in a real tangible way to you.”

Your Fears Keep You From Real Tangible God Encounters

The Father then revealed to me that I was afraid because of past fears from the enemy that I experienced as a little child. These suppressed fears caused me to call on the name of Jesus when the little boy suddenly appeared next to me. These same fears kept me from encountering the Father fully that night.

Since that experience, I have been asking the Father to cover me in His perfect love. For I know that the Father’s perfect love casts out all fear. So the next time, I will not be afraid and will be able to enjoy the Father’s real tangible presence.

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The Father Wants To Bring Back Your Childlike Imagination

A few days after this experience, I was with my friends focusing on the Father. That is when I asked the Father who the little boy was that showed up next to me in my bed.

The Father lovingly explained,

That was your childlike imagination that I am bringing back to you so you can see, touch, and hear me all the time.(Your Heavenly Father)

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