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Move Forward To the Spectacle of God’s Glory

While focusing on the Heavenly Father at our Father Encounters Group, this thought from the Father came to my mind: Most Christians are trying to revive a past experience or movement from God. So they spend the rest of their lives studying what happened to try and replicate what God did years ago. Yet they never fully get back to that experience that they long for. Then I proclaimed to all who would listen, “Let us never be content resting on our laurels. But instead, we should always be resting on God’s ever changing Revelation of the greater things of His Kingdom.” . . Read More >

Dream of the Impossible Things

While at a Father Encounters Group with my friends, the Father reminded me that He desires to fulfill all my dreams and wanted me to share them with Him. I got really excited but realized that I rarely ever told the Father what my dreams are. So I started to dream of the impossible things God wants to do for me and all His children. These are the dreams and desires I expressed to the Father: . . Read More >

Blow Where God’s Wind Blows You

As I was focusing my attention on the Heavenly Father with some friends of mine, The Father showed me a vision. I saw myself as a small tree dancing and moving freely with the gentle breeze. My branches swayed back and forth in the wind without any resistance or ridged stance. So I cried out in my spirit to the Father, “I willingly without any restraint freely move anywhere your wind blows me.” . . Read More >

Get Ready God’s Whirlwind Is Coming

Get Ready God’s Whirlwind Is Coming

One Tuesday night we shared in our Father Encounters Group about wanting an overwhelming lasting encounter with the Father. We wanted His presence to not only consume us but also attract the world around us to the Father. A presence everyone would get excited about and want to join in on the fun.  As we were finishing Doug, a passionate pursuer of God, welcomed the Holy Spirit into our midst. That is when we all felt the Father’s presence overwhelming us.  Almost immediately I heard the Father repeating the word “Whirlwind” over and over again to my heart. . . Read More >

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