Transform Your Life Where Heaven Follows You as You Follow the Father

Experience Heaven Following You

Experience Heaven Following You

Start with these simple steps below to experience personally Heaven’s wonders chasing after you.

Step 1: Read These Key Post About Heaven’s Wonders Following You

You can start to experience first-hand the wonders of Heaven by reading the following posts about some of my encounters with the Father. These key posts will get you started to discover, from the Heavenly Father, how you can experience Him and His Kingdom fully. (Note: These posts are included in my book 30 Days with the Father for better reading and easier access for you.):

Step 2: Go to a Local Father Encounters Group

The best way for you to experience real encounters with the Father is to attend a Father Encounters Group. So I encourage you to start going right away if you know of a group near you. However, more than likely, you will need to start you own Father Encounters Group with a small group of friends. Yet, since the Heavenly Father does all the leading and teaching, starting a group is very easy to do and requires only a few simple guidelines. Find out more and to learn how you can start your own Father Encounters Group by clicking here.

Step 3: Attend Our 5 Day Intensive Training

Come join us for 5 days of intensive hands-on training to experience the wonders of Heaven chase after you. You will not have to sit through boring lectures. Rather, we will show you through hands-on, real life application how you can have life changing encounters with the Father everyday. Transform your life where the wonders of Heaven and miracles become an every day normal experience for you. Find out more about our 5 Day Intensive Training by clicking here.

Step 4: Share With Others How Heaven Can Follow Them

Once you have finished the above steps, you won’t be able to keep it to yourself. You will want to share with everyone you know how Heaven can follow them. So Click on the yellow button below to discover the 3rd phase and start sharing your experience with others:

3rd Go Here to Share With Others How Heaven Can Following Them

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