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Walk Only Under God’s Authority Not Man’s Church

Walk Only Under God’s Authority Not Man’s Church

While at our Father Encounters Group, I learned from the Father why most Christians do not operate in the miraculous for everyone they pray for as Jesus did. God showed me that He wants us to walk only under God’s authority. Yet, most of His children have placed themselves under the authority of Man’s Church or other religious authorities. These authorities limit what the Father wants to do through you. This is what the Father shared with me: . . Read More >

Believe God For Impossible Things

Believe God For Impossible Things

One Tuesday night as I was spending time with the Heavenly Father, I knew intuitively that the Father was ready to show up powerfully in our lives but there was something still missing. It was not something the Father needed to do. Rather, it was something the Father was waiting for us to do. So I cried out to the Father to find out what was still missing in our lives. Then I found out that He was waiting for me to believe God for the impossible things like miracles and wonders, and impossible dreams. . . Read More >

Childlike Faith Is the Key To Do The Impossible

I desperately desired more of My Heavenly Father’s presence and the greater things that Jesus said all those who believe would do. So I asked the Father how He can accomplish these impossible things in my life. He lovingly responded, “Childlike faith is the key to do the impossible. Because little children believe the impossible is possible.” . . Read More >

God Is Waiting For You While You Are Waiting For God

As I was anticipating and waiting for the Father’s soon coming in a great whirlwind of His presence like never before, I heard my Heavenly Father beckon me as He poured out the deep desires of His heart to me. It turned out for all His children that God is waiting for you all the time while you have been waiting for God. This is what the Father told me: . . Read More >

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