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You Can Know God’s Thoughts

You Can Know God’s Thoughts

While at our Father Encounters Group I expressed to My Heavenly Father my deep desire for intimacy with God to know God’s thoughts. Wanting more of a tangible relationship with God, I cried out to my Father. “Take me into the deep, deep recesses of who you are. I want to know and experience you more deeply, more intimately than ever before. I want to taste and see your goodness. Let me into who you truly are and what you truly desire. I want to breathe in the rhythm of your breath and walk in your footsteps. Cause me to come into a deeper relationship with You so I intuitively know God’s thoughts. Let us become like a seasoned couple who knows what each other is thinking without saying a word.”

Intimacy With God: How to Know God’s Thoughts

The Father lovingly responded to my desire for intimacy with God, “This closeness cannot come through study or intellectual ascent. It cannot come through degrees or credentials. It does not even happen by memorizing My love letters, that only gets you close to My heart. If you truly want to enter My heart in a closeness that only can be described as you becoming one with Me, this can only be achieved in relationship and time spent with Me.”

Put Aside Other Things and Spend Time With the Father

“Put aside your books, study notes and seminars then look up into My face and spend time with Me. The more time we spend together, the more you will truly know Me better. Then eventually you will know intuitively what I am thinking without saying a word.”

He continued to explain, “Theology falls way short of knowing who I truly am. It is only a mental assent of what man thinks I am. To truly understand Me, we have to spend time together and see the nuances of each other’s behaviors. Spend time with Me throughout every part of your day and include Me in everything you do. Walk and talk with Me all day long and share everything with Me, then you will know how I tick and see personally where My passions and desires are.”

Intimacy With God Cannot Be Achieved Through Intellectual Pursuit

Desiring more of my time the Father clarified, “This kind of intimacy cannot be achieved in seminars, conferences, and even good Bible teaching. It only comes with spending your day with Me. Come close to Me and bring Me into every part of your day.

Let us walk hand-in-hand together as you journey into life’s adventures. You will find I want to be personally involved in every part of your life. It doesn’t matter how trivial. Everything that you do is so important to Me.Your Heavenly Father

If you include Me in everything you do, I will guarantee that we will become as one unable to discern us apart from each other.”

Be Totally Dependent on the Father as His Little Child

Beckoning me to experience Him at a deeper level He concluded by saying, “Stop being so independent of Me and start relying on Me totally for everything you do just as a little child is totally dependent on their parents for practically everything. I really want to be intimately included in everything you do. As you let Me into every part of your life, you will experience more and more of My life. That is how great relationships work. So stop studying Me and truly get to know Me by inviting Me along in every part of your life then our relationship will grow deeper and deeper together.”

Experience Deep Intimacy With God

If you would like to experience this kind of deep intimacy with God every week then I invite you to come and be a part of a Father Encounters Group. You will find a personal loving Father that cares for you deeply and would do anything for you. Click on this link to find out more: Father Encounter Groups.

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