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Heaven’s Treasure Is Opened Up For You

Heaven’s Treasure Is Opened Up For You

While focusing on my Heavenly Father one Tuesday night, I saw Heaven’s treasure with this huge open vault full of gold coins. There was so much treasure that it was spilling out onto the floor outside the vault. Then The Father affectionately declared that He opened this vault for me and all His children to have and enjoy. He went on to describe what this treasure was and how all His children could access the unlimited resources of Heaven’s treasure. . . Read More >

God’s Words Resonate in His Children’s Hearts

God’s Words Resonate in His Children’s Hearts

While waiting on the Heavenly Father with my friends one night at our Father Encounters Group, I heard from the Father that God’s words resonate already inside each of His dearly loved children. God is already speaking to His children every day with new revelation from God. This is what the Father proclaimed about all His children: . . Read More >

Jesus Never Asked Anyone For Money

Jesus Never Asked Anyone For Money

For three and a half years Jesus gave freely ministering to thousands of people. But Jesus never asked for money, never asked people to give to His ministry, and never took up an offering. He healed countless numbers of people so much so that thousands would gather to see the miracles or be healed. Yet, Jesus never asked for compensation from those He ministered to even though He would have been justified in doing so. Instead, He gave freely without any strings attached. He always acted out of love and generosity just as His Father would do. . . Read More >

God’s Attributes Are Yours To Command

This particular night at our Father Encounters Group, I had a vision in my imagination. I saw little childlike angels in a circle above us peering through the ceiling. They were leaning on clouds looking down in curiosity as to what God was going to do that night. These angels had been waiting all day preparing the way for our grand entrance. For we always focus on God and whatever the Heavenly Father wants to do as our hearts were in harmony together. That night, all our thoughts, emotions, and desires where all focused on God and nothing else. That is when The Spirit proclaimed, “All God’s attributes are yours to command.” . . Read More >

God’s Banquet Table Prepared for You

God’s Banquet Table Prepared for You

While focusing on the Father with some friends of mine at our Father Encounters Group, I had a vision of a grand banquet hall of a feast that God prepared for me and all His children. This feast was for all of us to enjoy now while on earth. Come on this journey with me and get a glimpse of God’s Banquet Table that He prepared especially for you. Learn how your capacity to receive all of Heaven’s abundance is only limited by your hunger for God. How hungry are you? . . Read More >

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