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Stop Worrying About Tomorrow, Enjoy Today

Stop Worrying About Tomorrow, Enjoy Today

A few days ago, while contemplating next month’s agenda, I became concerned about how these seemly impossible tasks were going to be achieved. God had promised many blessings for me that were going to materialize soon but have not yet come to pass.

While I was worrying about tomorrow, I almost missed what the Heavenly Father was doing for me today. Come with me on my journey as the Father showed me that I need to stop worrying about tomorrow because it keeps me from enjoying today.

An Enjoyable Moment I Missed Because of Worry

I was spending some time with my granddaughter, Paisley, watching cartoons with her on my computer. However, I was not fully enjoying that moment the Father gave me with her. Instead, I was thinking about what needed to be done in the coming month. I thought I needed to spend focused time with the Father to find out what He wanted me to do. So I told Paisley I was busy and even booted my cat out of the room. Then I attempted to spend some uninterrupted time with the Father.

In my quiet time before the Father, it seemed that He was silent and not responding to my questions about what needed to be done next. After sitting in silence for a while, I got frustrated and started to play some games on my computer. About an hour later, after getting my mind off of the worries of tomorrow, I started to hear God’s voice.

Enjoy the Moments God Gives You Today

The Father whispered to my heart, “You cannot enjoy waiting in my presence if you are worrying about tomorrow.”

Worry only brings discontentment and fear, which are the enemy’s tools to take you further away from me.(Your Heavenly Father)

“Rather than thinking about tomorrow, I want you to enjoy the moments of joy I bring you today. They are all around you like when Paisley came into your room and sat on your lap wanting to watch ‘Minnie Mouse’ cartoons. Even though you spent some time with her, you could have enjoyed even more time with her if you did not worry about tomorrow.”

God finished by explaining, “Like a little child who is never concerned about tomorrow, so too, I want you to live in the present. For I will always take care of your tomorrows. Therefore, always remain in the moment with me, and we will have fun together enjoying every day you are with me.”

I Stopped Worrying and Enjoyed the Day

Later that evening, Paisley, my son, and I enjoyed more time together watching Jonah, the Veggie Tales Movie. The next day when Paisley walked into my room to watch more “Minnie Mouse” cartoons, I did not worry about tomorrow. Instead, I spent almost two hours enjoying the moments God gave me with my granddaughter. Later, I had more fun writing about this adventure I had with the Father – what I also enjoy doing.

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