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Childlike Faith Is the Key To Do The Impossible

Childlike Faith Is the Key To Do The Impossible

I desperately desired more of My Heavenly Father’s presence and the greater things that Jesus said all those who believe would do. So I asked the Father how He can accomplish these impossible things in my life. He lovingly responded, “Childlike faith is the key to do the impossible. Because little children believe the impossible is possible.”

Type of Faith God Requires
To Do The Impossible

The Father continued to explain, “Faith is not something you have to conjure up. It does not require maturity. You will get closer to the faith I require when you realize you know nothing in comparison to who I am. Faith is simply stepping out toward me with full assurance that I will catch you if you should fall. Faith is resting in My ability to do the impossible – what has never been done before. Not resting in your own past experiences. The less you consider even for a moment what you know and have experienced in your past, the greater your faith will be. This kind of faith is childlike faith.

Little Children Believe the Impossible Is Possible

Little children don’t take their first steps considering they are going to fall. But rather, they take their first steps because they know they can walk.

Believing the impossible is easy for little children because their past experience never gets in the way of telling them it cannot be done.(Your Heavenly Father)

All little children have My heart in knowing that all things are possible. They simply believe and do whatever comes to their mind – never thinking it cannot be done.”

God Responds to Those With Childlike Faith

The Father’s heart resonated, “It’s this kind of faith that catches My attention. This kind of childlike faith will move mountains to do the impossible. So stop relying on your past experiences and simply have the faith of a little child knowing that I will do what I said I would do.

Impossible Things the Father Will Do:

You do not have to do anything to receive all these impossible things. Just have faith like a little child and know that I will do the impossible and much more. Your faith is already stirring My hear to do way beyond what You are asking for or imagine that I want to do.”

Childlike Faith Reveals God’s Presence

The Father concluded by saying, “Childlike Faith is the key. Without this kind of faith, it is impossible to please Me. I delight when My children believe Me for impossible things they have not seen. It is your faith that causes Me to become more real to you manifesting Myself in a tangible way.

Then you will see and hear Me clearly all the time just as if I was in the same room with you. You will mimic every move I make just like little children do as you watch all of Heaven’s goodness and wonders follow you as you follow Me.”

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