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Anakainoo Website Redesign Is Finished

Anakainoo Website Redesign Is Finished

I am very excited to announce that Anakainoo website redesign is finished and already includes 45 core posts. Two years ago, I took down my previous website which was full of limited institutional church dogma. Then I completely redesigned it based on instructions I received from the Heavenly Father. I set up a brand new website/blog that focuses on having a real tangible relationship with God as your Father. Where you can have Father Encounters every day and watch Heaven follow you everywhere.

Core Post Already Added

I had been attending a Father Encounters Group for two and a half years and every week I had personal encounters with God which I wrote down. During this time I have journaled over 120 different personal encounters with the Father. This past year, I selected 45 of those encounters and posted them to our website.

Post Categories Include:

  • Transformed Life Without Limits
  • Intimacy With the Father
  • God’s True Church
  • All Of Heaven’s Resources Are Yours
  • Remove Every Obstacle
  • God Will Lead, Teach, and Mentor You
  • Miracles and Wonders

You will notice before this post that it appears that nothing has been published for a year. However, I had been actually publishing a new post almost every week for the past year. The reason why it appears this way is because I decided to use the original date I had the encounter with the Father rather than the date I published the post. Since a lot of the encounters and visions I received from the Father are date sensitive.

Other Pages Added

  1. An About Us page
  2. What is a Father Encounters Group and How to Easily Start Your Own Father Encounters Group
  3. Our 5 Day Intensive Training – Learn To Do What Jesus Did
  4. Directional buttons: LEARN, EXPERIENCE, and SHARE to help navigate through the website.
  5. Storefront page where you can download any of our eBooks for any price you want to pay including free if you cannot afford to pay.
  6. A Give Freely page

The Best Place to Start

I encourage you to visit often and check out all the changes that have been made exploring all the posts and pages that have been added on your own. But the best way to explore the website is to use the navigation buttons: 1st LEARN, 2nd EXPERIENCE, and 3rd SHARE (located right below the heading banner on the first page).

Follow this link: 1st LEARN and get started exploring how Heaven can follow you everywhere.

Let me know what you think about the changes and leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email me at:

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