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You Are God’s Perfect Little Child

You Are God’s Perfect Little Child

So many of God’s children, including me, see ourselves differently than how God sees us. We often believe the lie that we are far from perfect. This imperfect view of ourselves prevents us from experiencing God’s fullness and all the wonders of Heaven. Last week after succumbing to this deception, I desperately cried out to my Heavenly Father to remove every imperfection. That is when the Father showed me that I was already God’s perfect little child; and I only needed to start living as who I truly am. Discover how believing this truth deep in your soul can free you to fully experience God’s presence and Heaven’s wonders.

You Are Made Perfect In Christ:
Start Acting Like It

While quieting my heart before the Father wanting more of Him, He lovingly instructed me, “Your slate is wiped clean. There is nothing remaining on you that is keeping you from fully experiencing Me. Walk in the assurance of My Son’s blood that I see you perfect in every way.”

The Enemy Is Trying to Deceive You

The Father explained further, “The enemy wants you to see yourself differently than I see you. He can only remind you of past behavior that did not measure up to My standard. But without my Son’s blood, no one could ever measure up to My standard of perfection.

Jesus Made You New and Perfect

However, through My Son’s redemptive work on the cross everyone who comes to Me through the cross of My Son’s redemptive power is immediately made new and perfect in every way. All flaws and imperfections are passed away, everything has been made new. From that day till eternity I can only see you as absolutely pure and holy.

Be Who You Are Not the Way You Were

Therefore, be who you really are not the way the enemy is trying to trick you in believing who you were. For now you are holy, so be holy. Now you are without sin, so stop sinning. Now you are new, so stop acting like you are old and warn out.”

Stop behaving the way the enemy is deceiving you to believe; and start acting according to who you truly are – God’s perfect little child.(Your Heavenly Father)

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Live In the Present As God’s Perfect Little Child

The Heavenly Father continued, “Don’t worry about your past mistakes and wrong behavior that did not look like My holiness. Your past is in the past and if you live in the past that is where you will remain. Don’t even think about tomorrow. For you cannot change anything in the future by worrying about things you cannot control.

Live In the Now With God By Your Side

Instead, always live in the now with Me by your side. Walk with Me day by day and moment by moment and I will guide your every step. So every time the enemy tries to convince you are someone else who is far from being perfect. I will always remind you of who you are – God’s perfect little child.

See Yourself As God Sees You – Absolutely Perfect

Then you will always walk in My steps and see yourself the way I see you. And when you truly know in your heart that you are absolutely perfect, you will be and act perfect all the time just as your Father is perfect in every way.”

Be Who You Really Are – God’s Perfect Little Child

The Father encouraged His children, “I am not telling you to do something that is difficult or impossible to do. I am showing you that if you truly see yourself as I see you all the time then you will stop paying attention to anything the enemy tries to say about you and walk according to who you really are – God’s perfect little child.

So come along let us walk hand in hand and see Heaven’s wonders and glory overwhelm the enemy’s deception. Then all My children will no longer be deceived but rather see who they truly are and walk accordingly in My holiness and perfection.”

Truly Believe You Are Made Perfect To Unleash Heaven’s Wonders

Pondering this truth, I asked the Father why He gave me this message of being made perfect through His Son. For I already knew this truth. However, the Father pointed out I did not fully believe deep in my soul that I was completely made new and perfect. This seed of doubt in my inmost being was keeping me from fully experiencing the Father and Heaven’s wonders.

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The Main Reason Why Most Do Not Experience Heaven’s Wonders

Then the Father lovingly responded to my question, “This is the reason why most of My children do not experience Heaven’s wonders following them everywhere in signs and wonders. They have believed the lie that they are imperfect in some way. So this flawed belief of imperfection limits their attempt to heal the sick and set man free.

Start Believing Deep in Your Soul That You Are Perfect

Therefore, stop believing the enemy’s lies of you being imperfect and start living according to who you truly are. Then you will know deep in your soul that you are truly perfect and act accordingly. There will be nothing separating you from the Me.”

Do Miracles By Positioning Yourself As God’s Perfect Little Child

The Heavenly Father concluded by asserting, “From this position of My holiness you will have My full authority to do whatever I ask you to do and see the wonders of Heaven follow you everywhere.”

From this position of My perfection, everyone you touch will be healed; everyone who is in bondage will be set free; and the impossible miracles that have never been done before will be easily accomplished as you follow Me.(Your Heavenly Father)

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