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Break Free From Institutional Church Establishment

Break Free From Institutional Church Establishment

Today was the final day of the primary elections. The most unlikely candidates who did not come from the established parties seemed to emerge. One outsider won his party’s nomination. The other outsider made a surprising comeback and came close to winning his party’s nomination. Then the Father spoke to my heart in this climate of change announcing He is breaking us free from Institutional Church Establishment.

God Is Making Changes to Break Free From Institutional Church Establishments

The Father announced these words to me loud and clear, “Today is a day for change. I am changing the atmosphere so that the world will be ready for My coming. My heart is ringing and resonating in the hearts of mankind who want to break out of the mold established over the centuries.

It is not a mistake that a vast majority of people have voted to upset the long established institutions. Most of these institutions seem to follow their own agenda removing any freedoms we have. I am prodding the desire of man’s heart to break away from the established ways of doing things. These established ways only limit what I want to do throughout the world.

Change in Those Receiving Heaven’s Abundant Blessing

Consequently, I am changing the conduit of My blessing to freely pass through in abundance everyone who wants to receive. It will not come to just a few of the elect.

Change the Way God’s Children Worship

I am also changing the way all My children will worship Me. It will not be directed by man but by My Spirit. I will lead My people in worship that will last all day long and not be limited to a designated time. My song will resonate in your soul as you hear My voice and follow Me everywhere.

In true worship, you will experience Heaven following you in great marvelous things that could not be imagined in a thousand years. Signs and wonders will naturally follow you because you won’t be able to stay away from Me.(Your Heavenly Father)

Change Where God’s Children Worship:
A Church Without Walls

In addition, I am changing where you worship. I will tear down every wall that has limited you from expressing yourself freely to Me. There will no longer be any boundaries that confine My true Church. It will be able to grow way beyond the borders man has erected. For My temple will dwell in all my children’s hearts that do not have any boarders or limitations. It will always be expanding explosively to the point that the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Change the Attractiveness of God’s New Church

Finally, I am changing the attractiveness of My beautiful bride. Everyone will hear and see of Her beauty and be drawn to Her in droves. I will be real and true to my beautiful new bride (My Church) and will not be limited by man’s perception of who I am. I will manifest My presence personally to each of My dearly loved children just as if I was in the same room with them. Every one of their desires and questions will be fulfilled beyond their wildest expectation.

The Time For These Changes Is Now

Get ready, today is the first day in which you will start to experience My changes that are coming. I will do beyond your expectations. For I am a great, good and all loving Heavenly Father that wants to dote on all My children way beyond what you could ever possible imagine or think.

Change is here and it is only going to be more spectacular from this day forward.

Break Free From the Old Institutional Church Establishment

You can experience all these changes and more by participating in a Father Encounters Group where you will be free from the established traditions and limitations of church institutions. You can experience for yourself all of Heaven’s Blessing Following You everywhere without any hindrance from man’s traditions. Click on this link to find out more: Father Encounter Groups.

[Update – Check out the word God gave me about the general election and upsetting the Institutional Church Establishment: God Will Upset the Old and Set Up His True Church.]

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