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God Loves Responding to Your Questions

God Loves Responding to Your Questions

I felt an overwhelming sense of peace today. Yet, there appeared to be no visible outside changes in my life. I simply felt that Heaven came down and surrounded me with God’s all-consuming love and peace.

As I entered God’s presence, I did not feel the urgency of wanting anything specific from Him. I only wanted to be with Him in that special garden God prepared just for us. So I got a cup of coffee and sat down with my Heavenly Father as we enjoyed each other’s presence. After I finished drinking my coffee, God impressed upon my heart that He wanted to respond to all my questions I had about Him and His Kingdom.

Be Childlike and Ask God Many Questions

The Heavenly Father encouraged me, “Ask me any question, and I will open the floodgates of Heaven’s wisdom to you. My answers to your questions will be complete. There is nothing I will not withhold from you.

For my communication line is always open to you. And just as a little child has many questions and is not afraid to ask, so too, I want you to ask me any and every question you have. I will never tire of answering all your questions fully, so you are satisfied.”

Ask God Anything and He Will Answer You

God continued to persuade me, “I delight in your interest in who I am and what I am doing. I will give you my undivided attention and respond so that you will understand the unsearchable riches of the mind of Christ.

Go ahead, ask me anything, and I will answer. Don’t hold back. Every question you have, whether big or small, is important to me. For I have been waiting all your life to respond to the questions you have about my Kingdom and me. You don’t have to wait till you get here. I will give you the wisdom of Heaven now. So what are your questions?”

My Questions I Had for God

Immediately, I had questions of timing and when things were going to take place. So I asked the Father these questions:

  1. “When will you tear down the enemy’s walls of lies and deception that have kept your people from seeing your truth?”
  2. “When will your True Church be established where the gates of hell will not prevail against it?”
  3. “When will I see the signs and wonders that Jesus promised all those who believe, that they will do what He did and even greater things?”
  4. “When will the floodgates of blessing be opened to me?”

God Responded to All My Questions Fully

Satan’s Walls of Deception Are Crumbling

Without any hesitation, God responded fully and lovingly to all my questions and said, “The answer to all these questions is now. For Satan’s walls of deception that he has erected around the Church are crumbling even as I speak. He will no longer be able to deceive my people. They are already moving away from Man’s limited authority and coming under my unlimited domain.”

The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against God’s True Church

He continued to answer in greater detail, “The time is now where I am planting the seeds of discontentment in my people. They already want more of me and my presence and are moving away from those institutions that have constrained them. For in my True Church, my people will do the things Jesus did and even more spectacular things than He did. I want to establish My Body, where the gates of hell will not prevail against it or come anywhere near it.

You Will See the Greater Miracles of Heaven

You will see and experience the miraculous things of Heaven that no one has ever seen before. The world will be able to taste and see that I am good and love them dearly. They will be drawn to the tangible manifestation of my love for them.”

Your Blessings Are at Your Door

Finally, the Father concluded by answering my last question, “The time is now for you to receive everything I have promised you. The time for waiting has ended, and from this point forward, you will see and experience my blessings all around you. Watch for it. My blessings are already at your door. You only need to open them with your childlike faith in expectancy that you have already received everything I promised you. Simply look for it, and it will be yours.”

Don’t ever stop expecting that I will always do way beyond what you can ask or imagine. I love responding to you. (Your Heavenly Father)

It’s Your Turn – God Wants to Answer All Your Questions

You can experience this same kind of intimacy with the Father where He wants to respond to all your questions fully. Just sit down with Him and your favorite cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy being in His presence. Then, just like being with your closest friend, ask God any and every question that comes to your mind, and He will be delighted to answer all your questions fully to your satisfaction.

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