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Cut the Cords of Man’s Limited Authority

Cut the Cords of Man’s Limited Authority

Last month, I went on vacation to a Christian camp I have been going to for the past 57 years. While at camp God spoke to my heart about how my being a member of the camp and other churches limit what God wants to do in my life. By placing myself under these authorities as a member, I have been limited by what each church believes and teaches since God honors the governing authorities we are under. So when I got back from vacation, I decided to remove my memberships from every church and religious organization. Find out how to cut the cords of Man’s limited authority to unleash all of Heaven’s riches upon you.

Why I Gave Up Being An Ordained Minister

The very first thing I absolutely had to remove was my credentials as an ordained minister under Man’s Church authority. So after thirty years of being an ordained minister of the gospel, I happily gave that all up. For I only want to be under God’s ultimate authority and no longer be hindered by Man’s limited authority. After doing that, I also sent out letters to every church I was a member (9 churches total) to withdraw my membership. Now I am only under God’s unlimited authority and respond to Him only.

I am free to follow God everywhere by cutting the cords of Man’s limited Church authority. Read on to find out what the Heavenly Father shared with me. See how doing this could dramatically change your life. Cutting the cords of Man’s authority can give you the same freedom I now have to follow the Father everywhere. You will be able to do the things Jesus did and even greater things without any of Man’s limitations.

Cut the Cords to the Old Way of Doing Things

While focusing on God at our Father Encounters group last week, this is what the Father told me, “You have cut all the cords in your life that bound you to the old way of doing things. Only one thin strand remains and you will be totally set free to walk under My grace and unlimited power from above.

God’s Full Authority Will Run Through Your Veins

You have cut the cords that have limited My authority running through your veins. Now my life giving blood will run freely in you causing everything you touch to come alive and blossom in My Kingdom. Where there was death and stagnation will now come alive and be renewed in My life giving flow. Everyone around you will begin to dance to the beat of a different drummer.”

Operate Only Under God’s Unlimited Power and Authority

The Father continued, “You are no longer limited by Man’s authority but now operate under My unlimited power and might. That is backed up by My ultimate authority that can never be over turned by anyone or anything. For My words will occupy your entire being. They will bring My full authority that will transcend time and space for eternity and beyond.

The Whisper of God’s Authority Will Be On Your Lips

From now on, when you hear My voice, you only need to whisper My words. Then all of Heaven will respond to the authority in the words you speak. This will cause mountains to crumble and fall. Unspeakable miracles will be accomplished easily when you whisper My words of authority that will be on your lips.”

Cut the Cords of Disbelief

Excitedly God declared, “You have cut the cords of disbelief that have limited what I have wanted to do for so long through all My children. You and all those that follow will be able to do the miracles Jesus did and even greater things. For you will no longer be hindered by the strands of disbelief. Instead, you will be able to do the greater things of Jesus far beyond what you can ever possibly imagine. Only follow My voice of authority and see the wonders of Heaven follow you.”

Miracles Will Obey God’s Authority That Is Upon You

Continuing He encouraged, “Don’t be shy. You will see the lame walk again instantly under My authority that is upon you. The enemy will flee at the sound of My words and presence that is upon you. There will be nothing that you cannot do as you follow close by My side. Blind eyes will come to life and see clearly under My unlimited authority that is upon you. Yes, even the dead will leap to life and sing praises of My glory and grace.

Do Incredible Things the World Has Never Seen Before

You ain’t seen anything yet. This is only the beginning of what I am going to do with all My children who want to follow Me only and no one else.”

All those who have cut the cords of man’s limited authority and operate only under My authority will be able to perform great and mighty things the world has never seen before.(Your Heavenly Father)

The Enemy Will Run From God’s Authority On Your Shoulders

Then the Father announced, “The enemy is running scarred and has tried to stop you from severing every connection that has limited My Spirit to flow freely through your veins. Do not be afraid. For he can no longer come anywhere near you now that My authority rests upon your shoulders.

You Will Speak To the Winds and They Will Obey

Speak to the winds and they will obey My words that are on your lips. Continue to follow only My voice. Then the world will marvel at the spectacle of My glory that will astound the most steadfast unbeliever bringing them to their knees to worship Me.”

Leave Everything To Only Follow God’s Lead

Finishing, my Heavenly Father revealed, “You are My choicest friend who has left everything to only follow My lead. There is nothing between us that will stop the overflow of My abundant Spirit pouring out like a flood all around you. Once you cut that last thin strand, you will cause the wave of My presence to come like a flood that the world has never experienced before.

God Will Overturn Man’s Limited Church Authority

For I will overturn the limited authority of Man’s Church and unleash My true Church without limits. I will annihilate the enemy’s deception that has kept My children from experiencing My overwhelming love and goodness. Finally the gates of hell will not be able to overcome My all-consuming power and authority that will be within all My children who have decided to only live under My authority.”

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