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Receive Freedom To Have Real God Encounters

Receive Freedom To Have Real God Encounters

While the Heavenly Father and I had our special time together, God already knew what was on my heart without even saying a word or asking a question. That is when the Father reassured me, “It’s OK. They will come.” You see, throughout the day I had been wondering why the two people who showed an interest in our Father Encounters group over a week ago have not yet responded to my invitation. Read on to discover God’s answer. You will also find out what hinders you from stepping into God’s new things where you can receive freedom to have real God encounters every day of your life.

Many Are Waiting For Real God Encounters

The Heavenly Father responded to my thoughts, “It’s OK. They will come. For I have stirred up the atmosphere all around you. There are many waiting at your door to enter My glorious Kingdom wanting to take shelter from the storm that is raging. They will come in droves to be freed from the enemy’s snares.

Many Have Been Deceived and Are Looking For Something Real

It might look like no one is paying attention to what I am doing through you. There are many who are waiting to see if what you have is real for them. For they have been deceived all their lives by so many that look righteous and say they have the truth. However, their words are empty and carry no power to change the infirmity that has weighed them down so long.”

They Will See God Is Real With You

Clarify further, the Father continued, “They will see that I am real with you and be drawn to My everlasting love and goodness that emanates from your being. It only takes one to be dramatically changed. Then everyone around them will notice My handiwork and will come like droves to investigate.

Look For the One That Will Prove God Is Real

So look for the one I place at your door that has been afflicted all their lives by the enemy. They will be the one who appear to be impossible to set free. Yet, I will come like a whirlwind and easily shake loose all their shackles. They will be instantly freed from the bondage they have known all their lives.”

Receive Freedom From The Enemy’s Deception

Then the Father spoke up against the enemy announcing, “The enemy is running scared because he knows what I am about to do to establish My victorious new church. For the longest time I have allowed him to play his games in deceiving My children away from the truth I have given you. But his time is now coming to an end and I will no longer tolerate his attack on My children.

God Is Coming Like a Whirlwind Against The Enemy

I am coming like a whirlwind to show off My power and might against the enemy and all his dominions. For they will no longer be able to come anywhere near My children luring them away from Me.

All of Heaven will let loose and rain down the glory of My Kingdom. So those who have been deceived in the past will see the truth and light manifest in the impossible miracles I will perform through you. You only need to stand firm and continue to be persistent in your love and devotion to following only Me.  And I promise you, the one that is at your door will break through the darkest hour so that My glory will shine through to their soul and transform the world around them.

God’s All Consuming Presence Upon You Will Free Everyone

So look for the one I am already sending your way. You will recognize them by the intense stronghold the enemy has upon them. And once you enter their habitation, My presence will surround you and consume everyone and everything in that place. The enemy will immediately leave in My presence; and all those who have been deceived by him will see My truth that is in you and walk freely along My path.”

“Freedom” Is the Victory Cry

Concluding, the Father admonished, “Be diligent in you pursuit of Me. Do not get weary in following along the path I have set before you. Victory is standing at your door. Do not be afraid to stand firm in My strength and authority to annihilate the enemy’s stronghold.”

‘Freedom!’ is the victory cry. For I will bring freedom from bondage; freedom from deception; freedom from sickness; and yes even freedom from death.(Your Heavenly Father)

Be Set Free From Affliction That Is Weighing You Down

Finishing the Father asserted, “The whole world will see and take notice of My handiwork that is upon you. They will come in like droves to devour the truth I have given you. Then they will be finally set free of their affliction and sickness that has been weighing them down most of their lives. For I am shaking the ground loose and will set all My children free to follow only Me into My glorious Kingdom. So that they will never again be deceived by the enemy’s treachery.

Freedom Will Come To Those Who Desire God’s Truth

Proclaim, ‘Freedom,” and it will come to all who desire My truth. I will wipe away all the lies that have entangled them for years. Proclaim, “Freedom,” and all their shackles will be removed instantly and without any effort. For I will bring peace into their lives where they have only seen chaos and fear. I will bring rest from the turmoil the enemy has burdened them with no more.”

Get ready, it is coming. My freedom will set all Men free once and for all so that everyone can walk freely in the truth of My word that will reside within all My children.(Your Heavenly Father)

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