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Rest in the Shelter of God’s Wings

Rest in the Shelter of God’s Wings

I entered the Heavenly Father’s presence desiring to spend our special time together, just the two of us. I felt His love and all-consuming peace in His presence. That is when the Father told me to come and rest in the shelter of God’s wings. All the anxiety and stuff of this world melted away. There was absolutely nothing around me that hindered my intimacy with the Father. I felt a peace that I have rarely felt before. I knew the Father was taking care of everything and just like a little child I had nothing to worry about.

In the shelter of God’s wings time stood still and no longer existed. I was no longer constrained by the urgency of getting things done. The only thing that mattered was being with my Father and enjoying His presence. Also, in that place of complete serenity and security, I had complete rest where the enemy could not touch me and the things of this world did not have a hold of me.

In the Shelter of God’s Wings
Time Does Not Exist

Then the Heavenly Father spoke to my heart, “When you operate outside of time’s constraints, all things are possible. For you have all the time in the world to achieve what I ask you to do. You can only do the impossible in My realm where time does not exist. When you return to a world constrained by time you will have accomplished much in a moment spent with Me.”

So when the things of this world press in all around you, come often and rest in the shelter of My wings. There I will redeem your time so that you can accomplish much in My presence.(Your Heavenly Father)

In the Shelter of God’s Wings
The Enemy Cannot Touch You

He encouraged me further, “As you rest in the shelter of God’s wings, the enemy cannot come anywhere near you. For I will place My angels all around you and protect you deep within the hollow of My rock.

You can come here as often as you like, every time you are bombarded by the enemy’s attack. For I will never allow a single arrow of his to come anywhere near you. The war may be raging all around you, but deep within the shelter of God’s wings, you will never taste the torrent of death. There will only be peace and serenity in My presence. Come to Me often and experience My true peace in the midst of every storm.”

In the Shelter of God’s Wings
You Can Accomplish The Impossible

The Father continued, “Enter My rest in the shelter of My wings and I will show you great and might things that I want to do through you. Spend a moment in My presence and see what I can do that Man could never accomplish. Stop seeing the world through the limitations of Man’s eyes. Instead, come up with Me to get a different perspective from Heaven’s point of view.

In this place, there is no reality and the normal manifests itself in the absurd, out of this world, things that have never been done before. For My resources are without limit and I can cause anything you can imagine to appear from nothing.”

Heaven’s Rest Will Invade Your World

Concluding the Father persuaded, “So any time you are feeling the pressures of this world, spend a moment with Me and feel all the things of this world melt away by resting in the shelter of My wings. There you can imagine a world not constrained by the things of this earth. In that place, you will cause Heaven and all its wonders to invade your world where the impossible becomes possible and the unimaginable is an everyday normal experience for you.

When you live in the shelter of My wings, I will take you to a place outside this world’s constraints and you will see the glory of the Lord manifest all around you. Multitudes will be attracted to My rest and peace that is upon you the more you enter My rest in the shelter of God’s wings. So com to Me often and I will give you Heaven’s rest that penetrates beyond your soul and grabs the hearts of everyone around you.”

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