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God Can Transform Your Life To Be Made New

God Can Transform Your Life To Be Made New

I sat with my friends at one of our Father Encounters Groups. We were all anticipating something great from the Father when I saw a beautiful bright colored butterfly in my imagination. Then my Heavenly Father stirred my heart as He explained what I visualized, “Just like the butterfly, God can transform your life to be made new and completely different.

God Can Transform Your Life
Into a Beautiful Butterfly

Continuing the Father clarified, “You won’t recognize yourself after My metamorphosis takes place. What you were used to in the past will no longer be since you will be completely made new. You will no longer have to crawl slowly through life’s struggles. For you will soar high above anything the enemy of this world throws your way. From My perspective you will be able to see yourself as I see You. Because I always see you beautiful without any flaws or blemishes so graceful and elegant. Others will see you the same for My radiance will be upon all of you.”

Be Made New To Soar
To Unimaginable Heights

The Father beckoned each of us, “Come fly high above your circumstance and soar to heights never imaginable. Do not think you are still in a cocoon hindered by all the ways of man.”

Break out of the restrictions man has put upon you. Come soar with Me into the Heavens just as I created you to be – free without the weight of this world holding you down.(Your Heavenly Father)

Break Free From the Cocoon Around You

Lastly the Father implored us, “Stop acting like that almost dead caterpillar and break free from the cocoon around you. For it was only suppose to be temporary so that you can be transformed and grow into My beautiful butterfly.

Therefore, the time is now to break free of all the restrictions and traditions man has established over the years, so you can fly freely and move and act differently. You were never designed to keep your feet on the floor. I created you to show off My beauty and grace above earth’s troubles. You were designed to show off My glory and grace in great signs and wonders I want to do through you.”

The Father finished by persuading us:

“Come fly with Me to heights you have never seen before.”

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