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Let God’s Mighty Winds Blow

Let God’s Mighty Winds Blow

I cried out to the Father, “Let your winds blow. Let God’s Mighty Winds blow.” As My soul was yearning for something more. I wanted a greater outpouring of the Father’s Spirit upon me and all those in the room. So even before the group started to focus their attention on the Heavenly Father, I was already longing for His Spirit to come and stir our hearts. I longed for an unending wind of His Spirit so that we could experience God’s presence all the time. Then I repeated to the Father the hunger of my soul, “Let God’s mighty winds blow!”

God’s Mighty Winds Will Launch You
Into a New Heavenly Experience

I continued to repeat to the Father, “Let God’s mighty winds blow over us changing the atmosphere around us. Let Your winds blow through us shaking lose all the cobwebs of our mind to set us free. Stir up our spirit within and ignite the fire that burns within our hearts.

Let Your winds be a continuous, steady, ever-increasing, perpetual stirring within us and all around us that will never stop. Let Your winds blow completely leveling all the gates and walls the enemy has erected to try and keep Your Kingdom from coming powerfully within each of us. Launch us into a new realm of Your Kingdom that we have not entered yet.”

Vision of Leaves Blowing Freely
On Heaven’s Breath

Then I saw a beautiful fall colored leaf being blown around freely and gracefully in the wind. There was nothing to tie it down. For it was free to move in whatever direction the wind was blowing as it danced in the gentle breeze.

After that, I saw billions of leaves follow that one leaf into the Heavens. They were all dancing freely on Heaven’s breath.

Stir the Father’s Heart To Cause
God’s Mighty Winds to Blow Over You

Then the Heavenly Father replied to my longing for His winds to blow over us. He responded by saying, “You have stirred up My heart and I am blowing over you. Right now you are like that lone little leaf dancing freely to wherever My Spirit blows you.

God’s Whirlwind Coming Upon You Will Set Others Free

It won’t be long and I will kick up the storm and increase My whirlwind upon you. It will seem that you are the only one who is caught in My storm. But soon multitudes will follow you. They will be set free to follow the winds of My mighty breath that is going to come upon them.

Continue to Dance Freely In God’s Spirit

The Father continued to explain, “You do not have to do anything more for all this to happen. Just keep on doing what you have been doing and dance freely in the gentle breeze of My Spirit that is already upon each of you.”

I cried all the more to the Father, “Let Your winds blow. Let Your mighty winds blow.”

The Father then repeated the same thing back to me, “Let your winds blow. Let your mighty winds blow.”

For you are stirring My heart so much that I will not be able to contain the whirlwind of My presence that is going to come upon you. It will consume everyone in your path.(Your Heavenly Father)

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Listen To This Song: Let The Winds Blow

I invite you to listen to this song Let The Winds Blow by David Ruis and imagine God’s mighty winds blowing over you.

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