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God’s New Church Without Limits

God’s New Church Without Limits

I attended a Prophecy Conference in Pennsylvania at the beginning of this year. During one of the sessions the prophets honored the senior pastors who attended. The prophets brought the pastors on the stage and prophesied over them. Then the Father spoke to my heart while I was listening to the prophetic words spoken over these pastors. He was showing me how man has limited what God wants to do in His Church. God wants to build His new Church without limits. Whereas, it will become a new unlimited church without any of man’s limitations or constraints. This is what the Father told me: . . Read More >

You’re Pregnant With God’s New Church

You’re Pregnant With God’s New Church

The Father’s presence overwhelmed me while at a Father Encounters Group with some friends. The Spirit’s all consuming fullness was filling my belly as I felt Him growing inside me. Then the Father spoke to my heart about being pregnant with God’s new Church. Because our bellies where full of God’s Spirit and ready to birth God’s new Church

My Heavenly Father exclaimed, “You are all pregnant and ready to give birth to a seed I planted in each of you over the past year. So everything that I promised, everything that I spoke about over the past year is about to give birth in each of you. . . Read More >

What Would Happen If God Built His Church?

What Would Happen If God Built His Church?

Imagine yourself being that little child who does not have to work anymore in God’s Kingdom. Come along with me on a journey to a special place my Heavenly Father showed me. It was a place where The Father worked at building His Church. So imagine what would happen if God built His Church the way He wanted, See a vision where God is building His Church and we are having fun watching . . Read More >

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