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God’s New Church Without Limits

God’s New Church Without Limits

I attended a Prophecy Conference in Pennsylvania at the beginning of this year. During one of the sessions the prophets honored the senior pastors who attended. The prophets brought the pastors on the stage and prophesied over them. Then the Father spoke to my heart while I was listening to the prophetic words spoken over these pastors. He was showing me how man has limited what God wants to do in His Church. God wants to build His new Church without limits. Whereas, it will become a new unlimited church without any of man’s limitations or constraints. This is what the Father told me:

Man’s Church Institution Is Limited

“Man’s ways, man’s Church, man’s Institutions are limited. It’s not that they are evil or wrong. Rather, they limit what I want to do through all my children. They also limit My anointing to only those who are designated as pastors and career ministers. I do not recognized everyone who are recognized by men and women. Most attention in man’s Church is given to only a select few who are limited in what they can do. Those that are the most passionate for Me are designated as leaders. When they try to lead My children, they limit My Kingdom coming down to everyone who wants Me.

Men Have Limitations But God Has No Limitations

Men have limitations but I have no limitations. If man would step out of the way and allow Me to build and lead My Church, it would become a Church without limits. Everyone in My Church would be anointed by My all consuming Spirit causing all those who believe to do what Jesus did and even greater works. Every one of My children would be given My full attention and honor.

God’s New Unlimited Church will become an impenetrable force that moves against the enemy’s strongholds – ever advancing, ever increasing like never before. God will consume the world in all His glory though His new Church without limits.(Your Heavenly Father)

Untie God’s Hands So He Can Build His Unlimited Church

I am working through man’s established Church because My children are there. But in that place, My hands are tied and I cannot do everything I want to do with all My children. Untie My hands and let Me free to build My Church the way I want it to be. Get out of the way and loose Me so I can lead My Church.

God’s New Unlimited Church Without Barriers

I am about to remove every barrier and limitation the enemy has erected. He has deceived the very elect to set up doctrines and hierarchy that control and limit what I want to do. I am tearing down every doctrine and removing the hierarchy man has established that limit Me. Then I will be establishing My Son as the Head and builder of My Church.

In God’s New Church Without Limits All God’s Children Will Be Anointed Powerfully

I am starting a new wave of My all consuming presence that will cause all My children to move in My power and might. It will never be limited to only a few anointed men and women. This new wave, every one of My children will be anointed and move in My great power where all My kids will be used of Me to disciple the nations.

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God’s New Church Without Limits Will Be An All Consuming Fire With Explosive Growth

My new Church does not look like what has been established over the last 1,700 years. It will be brand new like I always wanted it to be. A victorious church without any limits because all My kids will be lead directly by Me and not have to be filtered through others. My new Church will be just like the first century Church without walls or constraints where everyone is gifted, everyone is ministering, everyone receives from Me. It will become an all consuming fire with exponential growth that invades the whole earth with My goodness and glory.”

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