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God’s Truth Backed Up By God’s Power and Authority

God’s Truth Backed Up By God’s Power and Authority

Over the past two years I have been receiving God’s truth and promises which I have posted on my website. Yet so few have paid much attention to all the wonders of Heaven God wants to lavish on them. So as I entered the Father’s presence in our special time together, I asked Him, “Why are so many not acting on the truths and promises you gave me?” Read more to find why God’s truth is not enough.

God’s Truth Is Not Enough

The Heavenly Father responded to my question, “My Truth is not enough. Even though God’s truth will set Man free, truth will only free you if you receive it fully from Me. The enemy has deceived My children so long that what they believe to be true is so far from Me. Satan has convinced My children that in order to hear from Me you have to filter God’s truth through the traditions of Man’s limited understanding.

Free You From a Counterfeit Truth

You hear the same rhetoric over and over again that it eventually overshadows God’s truth that will free you. So this counterfeit truth enslaves you to believe a washed down version of what looks like truth. However, this pseudo truth will never bring lasting freedom to follow only Me.”

God’s Power and Authority to Tear Down the Walls of Deception

The Father continued to explain, “My truth is not enough for it needs to be backed up with My power and break through the walls of deception the enemy has erected to enslave My people to believe a perceived truth that is not mine. Soon, I will come like a whirlwind to break down this deception that has been established through the centuries.

The Deception of Heirarchy and Structure

It will not be long now when I will tear down the deception of a hierarchy and structure I never intended to have in My true Church. For I always wanted to be your only leader and teacher never limited by Man’s understanding and abilities.

I will bring My truth backed up with My power and authority. It will establish My supreme authority as their only Lord and Teacher.

In My realm of true happiness, you will be totally set free to follow only Me in great signs and wonders the world has never seen before.(Your Heavenly Father)

The Deception of Family Taking Precedent Over God

It will not be long now when I will dismantle the lie of family becoming so predominate in the Church that it takes precedent over Me. So much so, that most of My children have been lured into Man’s Church family that they cannot pull away from these close family ties to follow Me. They do not want to give up their family ties drenched in Man’s traditions and break free to follow Me. For I want to show them a new great adventure they have never experienced before.”

God’s Truth Established Through Signs and Wonders

Then the Father revealed, “The only way My children will recognize God’s truth is when I establish My truth in My full authority and might. Watch for it. You will see God’s truth unveiled by the signs and wonders that accompany it. For the ones that speak truth will do the things Jesus did and even greater things.

God’s Truth Accompanied By Miraculous Healing and Deliverance

You will recognize God’s truth as you see all of Heaven’s wonders overshadow everything that is spoken from Me. God’s truth will accompany great healing and deliverance from all sickness and oppression. You will know God’s truth because I will back it up with the lame walking again, with blind eyes seeing again, with the death hearing again, with the dead rising again, and with everyone around you experiencing true freedom from the enemy’s entanglements.

God Will Upset the Traditions of Man With Great Signs and Wonders

Just as Jesus upset the traditions of the Pharisees, I will upset the traditions established in Man’s Church. For these traditions are far from My truth. This wall of deception will fall under the power and authority from above as great signs and wonders will establish My truth for eternity.”

Be Diligent and Persevere
God Is Coming Quickly to Establish His Truth

The Father finished by urging all of us, “It will not be long now and I will do all the things I said I will do. Only be diligent and persevere in everything I have told you to do. Do not get discourage. For I will come quickly to establish My truth with My full power and authority. Then the world will see Me as I truly am – a loving Heavenly Father that cherishes all His children.”

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