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Trumpet Call To God’s Grand Coronation

Trumpet Call To God’s Grand Coronation

While at our Father Encounters Group, one of the attendees mentioned hearing a trumpet call. She said it sounded like a royal fanfare as if there was going to be a grand announcement from Heaven. As I meditated on what was shared, my thoughts turned toward the Heavenly Father as I expressed back to Him what His Spirit inside me was saying: Are you ready for the trumpet call to God’s coronation?

God’s Trumpet Call to His Mountain of Eternal Springs

I cried out to the Father, “Blow Your trumpet. Let the winds of Your return blow through the caverns of our souls. Let Your trumpet call us to Your Mountain. Continue to blow until all are gathered at the mountain of eternal springs that will never run dry. For they will bubble up through us and consume everyone who comes to Your Mountain.”

You Can Do The Things Jesus Did

Wanting even more, I uttered to the Father, “Don’t hold back anything You want to give us. Consume us in all of You so that nothing of this world remains in us. Let us become just like Jesus who could only do and say exactly what you were doing and saying.

You Are God’s Little Child Mimicking Every Move He Makes

Let us act and behave as who we truly are. For we want to be Your little children totally dependent on You for everything. Cause us to mimic your every move just as Jesus did, who told us we would do what He did and even greater things.

God’s Coronation

Come Father, come quickly. Blow Your trumpet – the trumpet call to God’s coronation of establishing Your Kingdom in each of us. Come quickly Father and anoint us with Your full authority. So that we can do the things Your Son said that we would do.

Preparation For God’s Coronation

For we are all waiting and longing for You. We have put aside any agenda or preconceived notions as to what you are going to do. We lay down willingly on Your altar giving of ourselves completely to You. Oh Heavenly Father have Your way with us.”

Follow The Father and Watch All of Heaven Follow You

Concluding, I pleaded with The Father, “We only want You, all of You, to consume every part of us and everything we do. We only want to follow You everywhere and watch all of Heaven follow all around us as we step into Your world. Your world is a place where nothing is impossible to do. We only need to imagine the impossibilities as they materialize before our eyes. For we know You want to give all your cherished little children way more than we can ask or imagine.”

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Are You Ready For God’s Trumpet Call?

Then the Heavenly Father loving admonished all His children, “Who is ready to follow Me without reserve? Who is willing to put all things aside and be willing to do and say everything that I am doing and saying? Who is willing to mimic Me exactly the way I move even though it might seem strange to you or out of your comfort zone?

The Father Is Preparing You For God’s Trumpet Call

So are you ready to respond to My trumpet call of this grand coronation? It is coming soon and I am calling all My little children to come to Me. Even now, I am preparing your hearts so nothing will come between us when you hear My call.”

I am looking for little children who unashamedly want to follow Me and no one else. Are you ready to have all of Heaven break loose and follow you everywhere because you will have no limitations in following Me anywhere?(Your Heavenly Father)

God Wants To Give You Your Heart’s Desires

Finishing, The Father promised, “You will see. It’s going to happen to all of you. For this is your heart’s desire and I want to give you all your heart’s desires way beyond your expectation. Then you will see and do what Jesus did and even greater things that you haven’t even imagined yet. For I am a great God and want everyone to be attracted to Me through all My dearly loved children.”

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