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Stop Straddling the Fence and Experience God’s New Adventures

Stop Straddling the Fence and Experience God’s New Adventures

While focusing on The Father one morning, I saw a vision of a man straddling a log. This man had his feet touching the ground with one foot on each side of the log. Then God beckoned him to come and explore new worlds and adventures with Him. However, even though he wanted to go with The Father, he had difficultly leaving his past experiences behind. So he tried to leave one foot in the past and also experience God’s new adventures. The Father was showing me that he is like most of us. Where you sit straddling the fence of your past experiences trying to relive the past but also wanting to move forward and experience God’s new adventures.

Stop Straddling the Fence of Your Past
It’s Holding You Back

Then The Father explained my vision as He spoke to my heart, “Most of My children want an outpouring of My Spirit upon them like never before. They want My presence and goodness to follow them everywhere in great signs and wonders. To come like a whirlwind and totally consume the atmosphere around them removing every barrier and hindrance the enemy has erected. My children want all these things. Yet, they are unwilling to let go of their past experience and traditions. This prevents them from moving forward because they always keep one foot held fast to their past.

Stop Trying to Relive the Past

Many live with one foot in wanting their past experienced when I showed up powerfully in their lives years ago. They want to relive the past. But I want to renew their now and make new their ever-changing future.

Let Go of Man’s Institutional Church and Its Limitations

A lot of My children are holding on to the traditions of man in an old Institution that I never planned for. Man’s Institutional Church with all its limitations has been the greatest deception of the enemy for the past seventeen-hundred years. This deception has kept My children from experiencing all the new things that I want to offer them.

So when I move among My people and show them the new exciting things of My Kingdom, they always have one foot in their past wanting to revive the old. But I want to give them something new without limits.

Step Into God’s Adventures
His Ever-Changing New Adventures

The only way My children can experience more of Me is to stop straddling the fence of their past traditions. Then they will be able to experience My fresh ever-changing present consuming Spirit that I want to pour out on all My children.

God’s Adventures In His New Church Will Be Without Limits

Remove your foot from your past traditions of man’s Institution and step into My new Church not built by man. My new Church is made without walls or barriers. It is a Church where there is no hierarchy or structure. In addition, My New Church has no limits because it is built by My Son who gave Himself for Her. It will be ever increasing and moving My Kingdom forward where: My Son is your only Leader; My Spirit is Your only Teacher; and I am your only Father.

Jump Into God’s New Adventures With Both Feet

I have a new adventures for you to experience where My Kingdom will be established everywhere as the gates of hell are torn down by My great signs and wonders. However, you cannot join Me in this new adventure unless you get off the fence and jump in My direction with both feet moving toward the new things I want all My children to experience.

So go ahead. You can do it. Lift your foot out of the old and into the new.

Stop straddling the fence holding on to your past experiences and traditions of man. For I want you to walk with Me all the time, in God’s new adventures I will show you.(Your Heavenly Father)

My new adventures will never be limited by the traditions of man. So come with Me and I will show you what I always wanted My True Church to be. It will be ever increasing and dominate the whole world until My Kingdom will overtake all the earth consuming it in all My glory, goodness, and love.

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