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Be On God’s Transition Team

Be On God’s Transition Team

It was great to have real tangible encounters with the Heavenly Father week after week at our Father Encounters Group. Where every week for over two years we have been receiving personal messages from the Father. For He had been sharing with us what God’s True Church is going to look like and when this was going to happen. So in light of all that we have received, the Father explained that He has been putting together God’s transition team to move His children from the limited old way of doing things into God’s Brand New Victorious Church.

God’s Transition Team Is Being Formed
For His New Church

The Father spoke to my heart saying, “I am putting together My Transition Team. I have shod your feet with My life giving message that will bring freedom to all who hear the words I am going to put on your lips. For you are My Transition Team that is going to usher My Kingdom into this world. It will shake the very foundation of the establishment. Then, I will build My new Church and it will be like none other.

God’s New Church Will Be Like None Other

Whereas, My new Church will be victorious. It will be a place where the gates of Hell will never be able to push against; a place where all who want to receive will be healed; and a place where all will be attracted to My generous love and goodness.

God’s Transition Team Is Being Prepared
For His New Way of Doing Church

For this reason, you all are in transition from the old way of doing things to My new way of doing things. There are also many others as well that I have already prepared and shod their feet with My life freeing words. Accordingly, I am ushering in an era without walls or constraints where I can freely move among My people. For I want to do and say anything without any restrictions or reservation.”

God Wants You To Be On His Transition Team

Then the Father invited all His children, “It is easy to be part of My Transition Team for I have been training you already. Just follow My voice, as you always have, then go and do whatever I tell you to do. I will always go ahead of you and prepare the way so others will receive freely the deep longings of their heart that I have already put there.

As a result, My whole creation is longing for Me. They have been searching for a tangible loving Father who cares for them deeply. For they desire a Father that will go out of the way to show His love in a real way that they can touch and feel. Consequently, My deluge of healing and deliverance will open the door to their soul. Then I will be able to fulfill the longing of all their heart’s desires.”

Therefore, go on My behalf and I will show you what to do and say. I will be with you always and manifest My love to those who long for Me. Be on My Transition Team and become a magnet of My love and goodness that others long for.(Your Heavenly Father)

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