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God’s Warm Embrace of Peace

God’s Warm Embrace of Peace

Back in November of 2019, I had a vision from the Father of an open marketplace where many people were freely buying whatever they wanted without any money. There was great joy, laughter, and freedom in the air. I woke up from that vision and knew immediately that this was a picture of God’s brand new ChurchA new thing He is doing.

An Open Marketplace: God’s New Church

God instructed me that His new Church will be more like an open marketplace without walls where people can come and go freely and receive everything they need or desire without any constraints or remuneration.

I also knew that the Father wanted me to enter the marketplace. He wanted me to seek out others who desired to have this same kind of open tangible relationship with the Father. I am still looking for those who long to freely follow God everywhere He leads them without any limitations. Soon after this, I landed a job, of all places, in a grocery store market.

My Journey of Peace Into the Marketplace

To tell you the truth, for the first three weeks working at the grocery store, I disliked being there because it kept me away from what I thought the Father wanted me to do. But I soon realized that this was exactly where the Father wanted me to be, in this new adventure He was showing me.

Recently, it became even more evident that I was right where God wanted me when this epidemic hit the U.S., and those around me became worried and fearful of what might happen to them and their family. Last week the Father shared with me what He wanted me to do in the marketplace during this time of fear and chaos. I invite you to share this journey with me as you follow the Father into your marketplace where God has placed you. Learn how you can bring peace and tranquility amidst this great fear and confusion.

God’s Presence Will Make a Difference

This is what the Heavenly Father shared with me and is for you as well, “Continue to do what I have called you to do – to remain in the marketplace until those around you see a difference that flows through you to everyone around you. For I have positioned you exactly where I want you.

God’s Kingdom of Peace Will Bring Rest to the Restless

Do not be afraid, for I am with you. I will be your rock and shelter in the midst of this great turmoil. Speak peace over those who have no peace. Call forth My Kingdom to surround those that come across your path, for I will make a difference in their lives. I will bring comfort to the discouraged and rest for the restless, so much so that they will notice a difference in My presence and want to come back often for more.”

Real Encounters of God’s Peace and Hope

The Father continued to explain, “It is no accident that I have placed you right where you are – in the middle of those who are in despair and need My real tangible hope in which they can hold on to. So keep on walking with Me in this journey to bring peace and hope to everyone who wants something they have been longing for – a real encounter with Me, their loving Father, who adores every one of My children.

Peace to Those Who Are Far and Near

So speak peace over those who seem to be far away from My presence, and I will draw them near to My heartbeat of love and compassion for them. Speak peace to those who seem to be near to Me, and they will be drawn nearer still until they are nestled in My strong arms where nothing evil can touch them.

You Are My Peace Agent

My Heavenly Father reminded me, “Remember, you are My peace agent, and now is the time where I want you to speak peace to everyone I bring you in the marketplace where we will continue to walk together. Then you will see the revelation of My glory manifest all around you and all the things I have promised you will come to pass.

God’s All Consuming Peace Will Prevail

God finished by saying, “We have entered the beginnings of My New Church Body being built just the way I have always wanted it to be – A place where there are no walls of man’s limitations that have kept My children from doing what Jesus did and even greater things. Then My True Church, My people, will push against the gates of hell, and it will never again prevail against My Body. For within My all-consuming peace and rest, the enemy of confusion cannot enter or prevail.”

You are My peace agent to usher in My Kingdom of Peace into a world that desperately needs My loving touch and warm embrace. (Your Heavenly Father)

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