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You Are God’s Agent of Peace

You Are God’s Agent of Peace

Some days just seem to be chaotic and messy where nothing appears to go right. And if you are not careful, a day of unrest can overflow into weeks or even longer. During these times of confusion and disorder, you cry out for a little of God’s peace in the midst of your storm. Do you know that you have God’s authority within you to command His true peace in any storm that comes your way? Find out what the Heavenly Father taught me about each of His children being God’s Agent of Peace.

What God’s True Peace Looks Like

While focusing on the Father with a group of friends, this is what the Father taught me, “Each of you are God’s Agent of Peace. For you carry God’s peace that reconciled the world to Me. My peace I leave with you, not as the world strives for. Rather, I leave a true peace that comes only by removing all hurt and resentment, and replacing it with My all consuming love.”

God’s True Peace Reconciles Enemies with Friends

The Father continued to explain, “I have brought peace to those who are far away and peace to those who are near. Then reconciled both at the cross where all the enmity of Man was consumed in My Son. Whereby, He became a curse so that all curses would be nullified.

God’s True Peace Will Break Through the World’s Hurt and Pain

What the world needs is the overwhelming peace that is upon all of you. You are God’s Agent of peace in a world that desperately needs My peace. For God’s peace will break through the hardest walls that others have erected around them so they will not be hurt again. My overwhelming love and comfort will tear down those walls. Once this happens, a flood of My all-consuming mercy and grace will penetrate their souls.”

You Are Commissioned
To Be God’s Agent of Peace

Then the Father anointed each of us and declared, “I have commissioned each of you to a place that desperately needs My true peace. So go and be God’s Agent of Peace everywhere I send you. Proclaim peace in every room you enter and God’s peace will come. Take God’s authority I give you as My Peace Agent and command God’s peace to come. Then My peace will have no choice but to show up with the full backing of My Son.”

Display Your Badge of Peace Where There Is No Peace

Handing each of us a badge carrying His full authority, He instructed, “I give you a badge of peace. Display it everywhere there is no peace. Then the enemy of peace will recognize God’s authority and will bow low to you every time you display My badge of peace.”

You Have God’s Authority to Calm Every Storm

Concluding, The Father proclaimed, “Your primary assignment in this world is to bring true peace where there is no peace. The author of confusion cannot overcome My true Body of peacemakers. So stand firm knowing that God’s peace will overcome the blackest waters of confusion calming any storm that comes your way.”

Gently but firmly whisper, ‘Peace’ over the storms of confusion. Then watch My calming love flood every soul bringing peace from any raging storm the enemy sends your way. Since I have commissioned you to be God’s Agent of Peace, you have God’s authority to calm every storm you encounter.(Your Heavenly Father)

So why don’t you join God’s Transition Team and command peace everywhere you go.

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