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Dream of the Impossible Things

Dream of the Impossible Things

While at a Father Encounters Group with my friends, the Father reminded me that He desires to fulfill all my dreams and wanted me to share them with Him. I got really excited but realized that I rarely ever told the Father what my dreams are. So I started to dream of the impossible things God wants to do for me and all His children. These are the dreams and desires I expressed to the Father:

Impossible Dreams God Wants to Fulfill

“I am free to dream in Your presence for I become who I truly am. When I enter Your magical Heavenly Kingdom, I become Your little child. A child with a wild imagination of things I cannot comprehend. I imagine far out of this world things that have never been thought of yet.

I dream of things that you can only accomplish. For you are my all powerful infinitely wise Heavenly Father. You can with one breath command the elements to do anything You wish turning worlds upside down. You can transform the hardest heart to have the compassion of a little girl with her puppy.

Dream of God’s Kingdom Overcoming Man’s Established Church

I dream that My Father’s Kingdom will disintegrate the impenetrable force of man’s established Church. Thus making way for his ever changing all-consuming Kingdom to penetrate the hearts of all His children.

Dream of Multitudes Following The Father Doing the Miraculous

I hear the voices of a sea of people longing for a close intimate relationship with the Heavenly Father. They want the same relationship that I have where I can see everything the Father is doing and saying. They see Heaven’s wonders following me everywhere and want the same for themselves.

Dream of God’s True Church Filling the Entire Earth

I see my calendar filling up completely with those who want to experience the great wonders of the Father’s Kingdom for themselves. No one will be turned away because the Father will multiply His new Church far beyond man’s need or want. It will become an impenetrable force that the enemy will not be able to stand against. God’s true Church will fill the whole world with His awesome glory and grace.

Dream of Everyone Receiving Way More Than They Could Imagine

I see Heaven’s floodgates open up to me and all God’s dearly loved children so that they will always have way more than they could ask or think. When I enter the Father’s presence, I always dream far beyond what I can do. Instead, I imagine what my Father can do who is without any limitations.”

Then I heard a phrase from the Father that sounded familiar but was stated differently, “Faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen.”

The Father Will Give You All Your Dreams

The Father concluded my wild imagination with Him as He responded, “Dream of the impossible things like little children do and I will give all those things and more – way beyond your imagination.”

You will receive everything you have imagined not because you will be leading others to accomplish the unimaginable but because I will be taking the lead.(Your Heavenly Father) tweet

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