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God’s ROAR Is Bigger Than the Enemy’s Roar

God’s ROAR Is Bigger Than the Enemy’s Roar

I was thinking about how the Enemy has been deceiving so many through the ages. He has been keeping them from fully experiencing all of Heaven’s wonders and a real true relationship with God. Immediately, the Heavenly Father responded to my thoughts. That is when I saw a picture of a huge ominous lion roaring over a smaller timid lion. Then the Father showed me that God’s ROAR is bigger than the enemy’s roar.

The Enemy Trembles When God ROARS

In a firm yet comforting way the Father reassured me, “You might picture Satan as a roaring lion seeking anyone he can devour. Yes, he is often pictured that way. Since, he only wants to kill, steal, and destroy the innocent and helpless. Yet, even though the enemy might be a roaring lion, My ROAR! is way bigger than his. For I can wipe away all fear with one swipe of My paw.

The enemy, that lies and deceives, bows low in trembling any time I enter the room. He cannot lift a finger to touch any one of My little ones. For I hold each one in the palm of My hands, and the enemy shudders and has to obey whatever I tell him to do.”

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You Have God’s ROAR Residing In You
To Overcome the Enemy

Continuing, the Father encouraged, “By the way, you have the same power and authority over the enemy. Since My Spirit resides in you and you are My child, the full weight of My authority follows you everywhere you go.

So do not be afraid to wield My authority anytime the enemy tries to snatch one of My little ones away. Since you speak on My behalf, the enemy trembles every time because I stand behind everything you say. For this reason, the enemy has no choice but to obey anything you command him to do. He will flee every time because he recognizes God’s ROAR of authority that is upon you.

Therefore, go ahead and speak on My behalf against the wickedness the enemy brings to the innocent. Your ROAR will be way more powerful than his and he will flee every time.”

ROAR Loudly Against the Enemy of Peace

Then my Heavenly Father explained, “You are all My Agents of Peace. But peace will never come unless you take a stand against the enemy of peace and ROAR into the winds. For My peace I leave with you, not as the world has been going after peace. Your presence brings peace because I am the King of Peace and I go before all My children.

Your ROAR of Peace Is the Enemy’s Achilles’ Heel

So rein down My peace throughout My Kingdom that I will establish all around you. The enemy cannot operate in a place of peace. He only knows chaos and destruction. For peace is the Achilles’ heel of the enemy. So use My peace any time you feel chaos in the room and you will throw the enemy into confusion causing him to leave all the time.”

ROAR loudly to the winds against the enemy of peace. Proclaim peace everywhere you go and My peace will remain. Eventually the enemy will have nowhere else to go except the place of torment I prepared for him.(Your Heavenly Father)

Go and Establish Homes of Peace Everywhere

Finishing, the Father directed each of us, “The Father Encounters Group you have every week is a place where My peace resides. Therefore, Go in My authority and establish My Homes of Peace everywhere I send each of you.”

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