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Live in the Now Moment with God

Live in the Now Moment with God

Do not live in the past of regrets and failures or dwell on future plans for tomorrow. Instead, always live in the now moment with God.

Before I entered the Father’s presence, I thought about all the great things the Father has in store for me. Those things like tearing down the walls of lies and deception all around God’s children. Consequently, they will clearly hear God’s voice and follow Him with great signs and wonders all around them. I also thought about my past mistakes and how I could improve on following the Father better. I wanted to follow Him all the time without getting distracted by the enemy.

Then as I was thinking about future Heavenly things and trying to improve my past actions, I asked the Father, in our special time together, how I could remain with Him all the time. I no longer wanted to be hindered by past failures. Also, I longed to enter into God’s grand adventures He has planned for me in the future. That is when I heard these transformative words from Heavenly Father, “Live in the now moment with Me.”

Do not Live in the Past of Regrets and Failures

As I lifted my pen, not wanting to miss anything the Father had for me, He flooded my soul with these illuminating words saying, “Let us live in the now moment every day of our lives together in this grand adventure I have for you. Do not live in past regrets, and I wish I did it differently. For you cannot change the past. Living in the past will not accomplish anything good. It will only prevent you from experiencing the adventures I have for you today.

The enemy wants you to dwell on your past mistakes and failures. I always want you to live in the present, where My Son took away all your failures and regrets and threw them into the depths of the sea. I will never condemn you for past failures because My Son already paid the ransom price. Therefore, I no longer hold you accountable for anything you did that was contrary to My perfect will. I have already forgotten about all your past failures and regrets, and so should you.”

Do not Dwell on the Future

The Father lovingly encouraged all His children, “Also, in the same way, do not dwell on plans for the future. Little children never wonder what they are going to do tomorrow. They always live in the present, and so should you. For you cannot add even a moment of time dwelling on your future. Let the things of what is yet to be, stay in the place of future events you cannot control.”

Live in the Now with God, Who Transcends Time

The Father continued, “Instead, always live in the now moment with Me, and I will guide you each day to places and experiences you have not even imagined or considered. Therefore, since you cannot change your past regrets, which I no longer remember, and you cannot control any future events, then remain in the present with Me.

Know that I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end. I transcend time and will make all your wrongs right, and then I will redeem your time in the present. I will also cause the universe to conform to any future plans I have for you. I am the I Am, and I operate in the now where past, present, and future all converge in one place.”

Past, Present, and Future All Converge in the Now Moment with God

Explaining further, God clarified, “If you live moment by moment with Me, you will never regret your past or be in fear of your future. It is only moment by moment living with Me, that you will experience the wonders of Heaven’s past, presence, and future all converge in your life. In each now moment with Me, I will transcend you to My world, not governed by time. In that place, you will see your past, present, and future all converge and know fully all the spectacular things I have already given to you, even though they have not yet materialized.

I have already shown you the marvelous Heavenly things yet to come because of past moments you spent with Me. The only way to fulfill everything I have already given you for generations to come is to remain moment by moment with Me always. For in each moment with Me, time ceases to exist. Then I can take you on great adventures together, not governed by time’s limitations. In that timeless place with Me, I will redeem your time here on earth and cause future Heavenly wonders to happen for you in the now.”

So let us live moment by moment together in the now and watch the timeless events of Heaven’s wonders converge each day we spend together.(Your Heavenly Father)

Finishing, the Heavenly Father enthusiastically invited all His dearly loved children, “I cannot wait to show you the great adventures I have for you today. At this moment, I am eagerly waiting at your heart’s door, inviting you to come out and play with Me. For I want to show you all of Heaven’s wonders chasing after us, everywhere we journey together today.”

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