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God’s Church Is Not Like Man’s Church

God’s Church Is Not Like Man’s Church

While at a Father Encounters Group, the Heavenly Father gave me some encouraging words and visions for some friends of mine. They were going overseas to share the Father’s love and goodness. A few weeks later I heard from the Father that these same visions apply also to God’s true Church. He restated them, “God’s Church is not like those you have seen or experienced from man’s Church. It looks more like what Jesus did with a few men.” These are the visions I saw, one right after the other, which I received from the Father for my friends and about God’s Church:

Visions of God’s True Church

1st VISION: Jesus Sharing His Own Father Encounters With a Few Men

The first vision I saw Jesus sitting down on a hill under a tree. He was telling stories to a handful of men about His encounters with the Father. Jesus then showed them how they could have the same encounters He had with the Father.

2nd VISION: My Friend Sharing His Own Father Encounters With Friends

The Father then showed my friend doing the same thing Jesus did in the first vision. My friend was sitting with a few men telling stories of his encounters with the Father. These real encounters my friend had with the Father intrigued those men. They heard of personal interactions with God from someone right in front of them that they could touch and see. Rather than a distant story of someone in ancient past.

Then I heard the men surrounding my friend asking him, “Tell us how we can have these same encounters for ourselves.”

3rd VISION: My Friend’s Wife Sharing Her Own Father Encounters With Friends

I immediately went from that vision to seeing my friend’s wife sitting with a few women sharing with them of her journey with the Father. They all wanted what she had, something tangible and real they could experience for themselves.

These events happened over and over again. Sometimes large crowds would gather, but most times they were small groups of a handful of men and women wanting to experience real encounters with the Father. (Note: In my visions, these gatherings were not inside a building or church structure. They were all outside where the people lived).

4th VISION: Children Sharing Their Own Father Encounters With Other Children

I also saw my friend’s children playing and interacting with the local children everywhere they went. Their children were sharing with the other children how they followed the Father everywhere. The little ones caught on much quicker as they saw kids just like them doing extraordinary things that can only come from Heaven.

5th VISION: Everyone Around the World Sharing Their Father Encounters With Friends

Lastly, I saw the many small groups, my friends first interacted with, starting new Father Encounter groups. These new groups shared with each other of their own encounters with the Father. These small circles of influence grew to fill and cover the whole nation everywhere my friends planted a seed.

Quickly the harvest multiplied. It was so great, everyone got involved in planting seeds of having Father Encounters all over the continent and then to the rest of the world. At that point, you could barely see my friends anymore. For they were surrounded by the influx of Father Encounter Groups all around them.

This Is What God’s Church Looks Like

Then I heard the Heavenly Father say, “This is how I do Church where I am the only leader, I am the only teacher, and I am the only Father who wants to have personal encounters with each of my little ones. They are then free to expand and grow to fill the whole world with My Kingdom. It will never be limited by structure, walls, or the limitations of man’s Church and its finite resources. Rather it will be plugged into My unlimited resources.”

The Father continued,

Just do what Jesus did and start with a handful of men and women showing them to Me. Then watch what I can do. I will teach them all things without limitations or constraints where I will do the ridiculous things of Heaven.(Your Heavenly Father)

Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Get away from man’s way of doing church and try God’s Church that is without any limitations or constraints. You can find God’s true Church, at a Father Encounters Group where you will experience real encounters with the Father that you can touch and see. Click on this link to find out more: Father Encounter Groups.

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