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Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Childlike Father Encounters: God’s True Church

Come along on this journey with me and experience the Father as His little child. Hear The Father’s response when I asked Him what His Kingdom was going to look like when everyone passionately pursued the Father like little children do. Discover the Father’s longing for everyone to become like little children. Then experience the fullness of His Kingdom that He wants to lavish on all His kids: . . Read More >

Dream of the Impossible Things

While at a Father Encounters Group with my friends, the Father reminded me that He desires to fulfill all my dreams and wanted me to share them with Him. I got really excited but realized that I rarely ever told the Father what my dreams are. So I started to dream of the impossible things God wants to do for me and all His children. These are the dreams and desires I expressed to the Father: . . Read More >

Don’t Ever Stop Playing Catch With the Father

As I was meditating on the Heavenly Father with some friends of mine, I saw a little girl in a golden grassy field chasing after her father. The father ran just a little ahead of her. Then He slowed down just enough so that His little girl could catch up to Him. When she got close, He swooped her up in His strong loving arms spinning her around over and over again while they laughed and giggled freely. At that point, He put her down and started the game of catch all over again. This happened over and over for what seemed to be an eternity in a moment of time. . . Read More >

You Are a Beacon of God’s Love-Light

While focusing on the Father one Tuesday night at our Father Encounters Group, I saw in my mind a lighthouse burning brightly over the city. Then the Heavenly Father eagerly explained this vision, “My light is burning ever so brightly in all of you. Every time you come together, My eternal pure light only increases in your soul. My light that burns brightly in you refines your heart so that more and more of your focus is on Me. . . Read More >

God Is Taking You On A Great Adventure

Some friends of mine recently announced they were leaving Maryland unexpectedly to move to California. Their decision happened immediately upon hearing from the Heavenly Father that He wanted them there. It only took one week later and they were on their way. I love their willingness to go without any hesitation or months of planning. They went as soon as they knew where the Father wanted them. After their announcement, I received a message from the Father about Him taking them and all His children on a great adventure. . . Read More >

God’s ROAR Is Bigger Than the Enemy’s Roar

I was thinking about how the Enemy has been deceiving so many through the ages. He has been keeping them from fully experiencing all of Heaven’s wonders and a real true relationship with God. Immediately, the Heavenly Father responded to my thoughts. That is when I saw a picture of a huge ominous lion roaring over a smaller timid lion. Then the Father showed me what I was experiencing. . . Read More >

God’s Fresh New Words For Today

I was vacationing with my family at a Bible Conference camp last week. However, I chose not to attend the Bible conference. Instead, I spend that time with the Father. During this focused time with Him, the Father reminded me of all His fresh new words given me every week over the past few years. Then God spoke gently and instructed me about these fresh new words that are relevant for today. . . Read More >

Come Dance With The Father

During one of our Father Encounters Group, most were sharing about the unrest and chaos around them. These earthly distractions kept them from hearing the Father’s voice clearly and having a close relationship with Him. So when we focused on the Father that evening, I asked the Father about these distractions that were keeping us away from Him. . . Read More >

God’s Church Is Not Like Man’s Church

God’s Church Is Not Like Man’s Church

While at a Father Encounters Group, the Heavenly Father gave me some encouraging words for some friends of mine. They were going overseas to share the Father’s love and goodness. A few weeks later I heard from the Father that these same words and visions He gave me for my friends apply also to His true Church. He restated them, “My Church is not like those you have seen or experienced. It looks more like what Jesus did with a few men.” These are the visions I saw, one right after the other, which I received from the Father for my friends and about His Church: . . Read More >

About Us

Hi, my name is Daniel Green. I am a writer, speaker, and blogger helping pursuers of God discover how they can transform their lives by having a real tangible relationship with God as their Father and follow Him everywhere just like Jesus did to experience all of Heaven's goodness and fulfill all the desires of their heart.

If you are looking for more than what Church Institutions have to offer, then you have come to the right place. Learn how to have encounters with the Father (God) every day so that you can have an abundant life where Heaven follows you everywhere and miracles become an everyday normal experience for you.

You will discover a personal God that is Real and True not fake or deceptive. You will also experience for yourself a good Heavenly Father who always loves, always responds, always gives, and always cares for you.

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The only way to experience more of God's Kingdom in your life is to become like a little child. Get my eBook today and discover how to become more like a little child so you can participate fully in all of Heaven's wonders.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Daniel Green. I am an author, public speaker, and blogger. It is my passion to help you and others discover how to connect to God in a real tangible way where all of Heaven's resources and miracles follow you everywhere.

Books I have written include: The Wave of God's Presence; Tearing Down Weak Foundations That Hinder You; and one of my newest books - Become Like Little Children. I have a Master's of Ministry Degree and also a Business Degree. I have owned two very successful Accounting businesses and am a Minister of the Gospel. . . Learn more

Featured Book

The only way to experience more of God's Kingdom in your life is to become like a little child. Only as the Father's little child will you have access to all the resources of His Kingdom where Heaven will follow you everywhere. Expect signs, wonders, and miracles to become an everyday normal for you. Get my eBook today and discover how to become more like a little child so you can participate fully in all of Heaven's wonders. . . Read More>


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